FUTURAMA and re-inventing tradition
MARCH 30 - MAY 9 2007

Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
Karl Liebknecht Strasse
10700 Berlin Bitte - Alexanderplatz
10am-6pm daily - Free Admission

Foto: János Fodor (Appropriation einer alten Singapore Airline Werbeposter)

Künstler der Ausstellung:
András Medvegy, Casper Cordes , David Wilkinson, Ella Klaschka, Gábor Erdei, Hajnaj Nemeth/István Majoros, Jeremy Hiah, Katarina Sevic, Lilla Khoor/ Will Potter, Lise Nellemann/ János Fodor, Tibor Horváth, Miklós Mécs, Ming Wong, Róza El-Hassan, Sylwia Ludas, Tamas St. Auby, Tommy Stockel, Tamás Komoróczky

Organised by Lise Nellemann and Janos Fodor, Eine Ausstellung des CHB mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Sparwasser HQ, Berlin

Die Konzeption der von János Fodor (und Lise Nellemann) kuratierten Ausstellung entstand während ihres Aufenthalts in Singapur im Herbst 2006. Gezeigt werden Arbeiten und Filme von mehr als 18 Künstlern.

AUSSTELLUNG vom 30. März bis 9. Mai 2007


Is the nature of all our common present the time we share with each other a unique combination of the individual readings of the past and utopic expectations of possible futures? Is, therefore, the first step to build an effective vision of the future based on the accepted memories of ‘others’?

The observation of the past is necessary if we try to comprehend the present. The persistent crisis of the European identity is due to the lack of a common collective narrative. The weakness of this type of historical positioning obscures our orientation of the present.
The hidden existence of the future can be excavated in the possibilities of the past, perhaps more evident than in the present. The present, in this sense, can be understood as a toned down future of the past; a kind of continuous time, which is the only way to position ourselves in time, not mention the fact that the past has already passed. It reminds me of: ‘no future without past’. The phrase ‘no future without present’ or ‘no past without future’ could be also coined.

Observation requires a distance in time and space from its subject matter. Our objective of this exhibition is to research and transform elements from the subjective past(s) into a larger collective memory.

There exist different ways and cultural habits to cope with our consideration. How can we learn from previous futures? By continuous self-reflexivity, by remixing alternative pasts, or simply by forgetting our memories and turning towards the fast future? Together, these possibilities can all be integrated into various and diverse scenarios. Not forgetting of course, that different cultures have divergent solutions and proportions with which to mix those iterations of reflections.

Although our past is passed, ours, or others points of view generates debates. Perhaps, because the past or our traditions are but a collection of fictions assembled through a consensus of subjective verifications.


András Medvegy

Casper Cordes

David Wilkinson

Ella Klaschka

Gábor Erdei

Hajnaj Nemeth/István Majoros

Jeremy Hiah

Katarina Sevic

Lilla Khoor/ Will Potter

Miklós Mécs

János Fodor/ Lise Nellemann

Tibor Horváth

Ming Wong

Roza El-Hassan

Sylwia Ludas

Tamas St. Auby

Tommy Stockel

Tamás Komoróczky

Thursday, March 29. 2007 from 7 pm
in Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, Berlin-Mitte)
8.30 pm PERFORMANCE with saussages by David Wilkinson
9 pm CONCERT PERFORMANCE with the 8 MCs from the MC-Monument: Nobel Noise Records, I.J., BonoRooS, Chaos Paar & Dj-Ipsy, Mando, Chloressi, Yeman, David Devilist, Mystic Trainer
and PARTY with DJs in the Café Geissler and in the Foyer

April 2-3: Seminars with curator Ong Keng Sen
The invited guest of the exhibition, the international curator Ong Keng Sen, director of theater and art space 72-13 in Singapore, was the host of the artist-in-residence stay of János Fodor and Lise Nellemann in the autumn of 2006.

Monday, April 2, 8-11 pm

CHB conference room, Café and terrace
Ong Keng Sen will present the project Creatives-in-Residence und Arts Networtk Asia (ANA). After an open round-table-discussion will take place with invited artists and curators from Berlin.

Tuesday, April 3, 8-12 pm
CHB conference room, Café Geissler and terrace
Ong Keng Sen presents selected theater productions and curated projects "...the interphase between production and process, and all the crazy things in between..."
After Party

Thursday, April 26, 9-10 pm
CHB Konferenzsaal, Café and terrace
Sebastian Biskup
"small town boy"<>
After Party with DJ 10 pm-2 am

Friday, May 4
Open House of the cultural institutions in Berlin
CHB exhibition room, cinema, Café Geissler and terrace
6-7 pm guided tour through the exhibition by Lise Nellemann and Janos Fodor
7-8 pm KINO ABEND Preview, performance series
8-10 pm KINO ABEND in Kino Balázs (Performance)

Alice Münch und Ella Klaschka invites you for KINO ABEND mit "many small acts by many participants".  Ariane Pauls will take the audience through the evening.
mit Agnes Gelencsér, Alice Münch, Andrea Lailach, Ariane Pauls, Beatrice Jugert, Caroline Picard, Cecile Belmont, Chat, Doris Sprengel, Ella Klaschka, Judith Schwinn, Judith Miriam Escherlor, Jutta Eberhard, Karolin Meunier, Kei Takemura, Lavater, Punkt Fix, Sylwia Ludas, Veronika Reichl
zusammengestellt von Ella Klaschka und Alice Münch

10 pm-3 am DJ Part