Hajnal Nemeth/ István Majoros


three parts of the work:

The video - “Thursday Forever” - is a 20 min long music-dokumentary film about five freestyle MC's living in Berlin. They team up together end recorded songs in a studio for the art project, specially for the sound-installation. The meeting and the common work are documented as well.

The sound-installation technically is based on five laud-speakers, which are specially built for this piece. Each box has two speakers inside. The voices of the MC's are separeted to the five speakers, the sculptures are standing on the top of the boxes.

In case of standing in the middle of the session the sound is moving around us.
The ensemble of the sculptures is the MC-Monument. The size of the portres is around 120 cm, we see the MC's in “action” with the microphone. The sculptures are not prepared in details, but one statue in itself is still a figure of the personality. The personal caracter is lost immediatelly when we see the sculptures together. From this point of view the monument is a representation of the caracter-less naked ego and the microphon-fetishism.

The MC's will perform at the opening evening:
Nobel Noise Records , I.J. , BonoRooS, Chaos Paar& Dj-Ipsy, Mando, Chloressi, Yeman, David Devilist, Mystic Trainer



Hajnal Nemeth
born in 1972, Szony /Hungary
lives and works in Berlin

Institution of Photography no. 320, Szekesfehervar / H /, 1991-93, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department, Budapest, 1995-2000
Duende Studiohouse, Rotterdam, 2001
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, International Studio Programme, Berlin, 2002
New Video - New Europe, Society Renaissance, Chicago / Contemporary Art Museum, St Louis /
Tate Modern, London - 2004
Twilight Tomorrow, Art Museum Singapore, Singapore - 2004
Thursday Forever - MC Monument, Ludwig Museum, Budapest - 2003
2. Berlin Biennale, Kunst-Werke, Berlin - 2001
What If, Moderna Museet, Stockholm – 2000