Tommy Støckel


Statement for catalogue

If I should name something which has relevance to my work or reminds me of my work, I would say: a styrofoam sphinx covered in hieroglyph carvings and painted to imitate stone, and which greets casino visitors in the first pyramid built in over 2,500 years (and the first to be built in Nevada). Or I might choose to mention: a cardboard model illustrating the physical shape of a certain mathematical equation, displayed in a forgotten corner of a science museum’s topology section, and which has been thought of as out-dated since the arrival of 3D computer graphics. Or: an alien artifact film prop in a Hollywood production, placed in the background of a film set and therefore constructed with only just enough detail to be recognised as an alien artifact. Or perhaps: a piece of a fake ruin built to look like a crumbling ancient temple and placed at the bottom of a 19th century English garden – left to pretend that it has been excavated to reveal the fascinating history of times long gone. Or even: the science fiction writers’ ability to speculate in possible futures and imagine alternative ways and shapes of things to come. In fact, I think that only when seen together do all the above-mentioned form a complete picture of the sources of inspiration, which has had relevance in the shaping of my work.

Kurz CV

Born 1972, Copenhagen
1992-98 Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen

Solo exhibitions:
2006 Ist das leben nicht schön?, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt am Main
Clash of the Classics, IASPIS, Stockholm
The Great Fiction of the Garden Folly, Helene Nyborg Contemporary, Copenhagen
Even Great Futures Will One Day Become Pasts, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco
2005 The Last Future, Korridor, Berlin