Sparwasser HQ presents:


April 20.- May 28. 2005

Andreas Fogarasi
Tadej Pogacar/CODE:RED
International Necronautical Society
Kristina Ask/Free Floating Faculty

CitySellingCityTelling program:

Sparwasser HQ, Torstrasse 161, Berlin Mitte

April 19. / 7 - 11 pm
Opening of Andreas Fogarasi's project Public Brands press
Exhibition period: April 20. - 30.

May 4. / 7 - 11 pm
Opening of Tadej Pogacar/CODE:RED Bangkok Trafficking Topographies press
Exhibition period: May 5. - 14.

May 5. at 8 pm
Lecture / presentation / meeting between the CitySellingCityTelling participants Tadej Pogacar, INS representative Anthony Auerbach, and Andreas Fogarasi. Please reserve in advance, as seats are limited.
May 7. at 8 pm
Tadej Pogacar in conversation with Ana Lopes, London

May 28. / at 8 pm
Press conference, International Necronautical Society INS Inspectorate Berlin
Exhibition period: May 15. - 28. press

Copenhagen events for the project
Sharing knowledge/OpenSource BerlinCopenhagen,
Kristina Ask/Free Floating Faculty:
Workshops with Andreas Fogarasi and INS, please read the program. for dates and locations.



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CitySellingCityTelling provides space, for research, investigation, and knowledge production, to artists exploring various aspects of city identity. During a six-week period, Sparwasser HQ hosts three projects; each project will be exhibited individually.

Public Brands by Andreas Fogarasi consists of several works that examine the branding of the public sphere. Public administrations present themselves increasingly to their citizens and tourists as brands, with the intention of offering to the public a point of reference or identification. The second project, CODE:RED by Tadej Pogacar, is a multidisciplinary and multimedia collaboration that focuses on global sex work and discusses informal economic models, self-organisation, and global trafficking. The presentation at Sparwasser HQ includes an exhibition, a roundtable discussion, and the publication of the third issue of the international newspaper, SEX WORKER. Both the form and content of CitySellingCityTelling change radically in its third stage, when Sparwasser HQ becomes the temporary operational headquarters of the International Necronautical Society (INS) Inspectorate Berlin. INS is an organisation, an expansive network that moves between the worlds of art, fiction, philosophy, and media. The INS Inspectorate Berlin asserts that "Berlin is the world capital of death, hence also the world capital of erasure. The fabric of the city is nothing other than the erasure of the traces of death."

A fourth project by Kristina Ask / Free Floating Faculty (which started as Ask's contribution to the exhibition City Rumble in Copenhagen) is a series of collaborative research tasks, examining art as a method for producing knowledge. The project takes place in both Berlin and Copenhagen. Under the title Sharing knowledge/OpenSource BerlinCopenhagen, it will dock at Sparwasser HQ. Free Floating Faculty will send, subsequently, the works from CitySellingCityTelling to Copenhagen, and there host discursive workshops involving the local audience.

The six-week project CitySellingCityTelling is packed with events.
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The six-week project CitySellingCityTelling partly exhibitions, partly events.
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