Sparwasser HQ presents:

International Necronautical Society
Inspectorate Berlin (Aerial Reconnaissance Phase)


May 16. ­ 28.

The Inspectorate's work at Sparwasser HQ will be accessible to the public

May 28. at 8 PM, INS Inspection and Public Consultation


Press photos, CV , text and INS homepage

During the final period of our six-week project CitySellingCityTelling, we are happy to present the London-based International Necronautical Society, who will be using Sparwasser HQ as their operational headquarters for two weeks. INS is an at once slightly annoying and extremely humorous organisation, that is formed through the appropriation of a variety of art forms and the now-defunct structures and procedures of early twentieth century avant-gardes (the manifesto, autocratic top-down management etc.) as well as political or conspiratorial organisations such as the Soviet-style committee, sub-committee and sub-sub-committee, Hearings, Inspectorates, Reports etc. Boundaries between fact and fiction are constantly blurred and language forms an important instrument in the construction of an opaque bureaucracy. The INS names its main concerns as: marking and erasure; transit, circulation and control; cryptography and death. The following is excepted from a recent official communiqué by INS about the Inspectorate Berlin (Arial Reconnaissance Phase):

"Aerial reconnaissance operations led by INS Chief of Propaganda (Archiving and Epistemological Critique) Anthony Auerbach are focused on the identification and surveillance of sites of erasure [...]. The selected sites will be the subjects of photographic reconnaissance (PR) [...]. Results will be assembled and subjected to preliminary interpretation at Sparwasser HQ. INS Chief Obituary Reviewer (COR) Melissa McCarthy will join the mission 23-28 May 2005 to conduct preliminary site-specific investigations concerning circulation and transit systems. [...] INS General Secretary and Inspectorate Director Tom McCarthy will visit Berlin 28 May to meet informants, hear reports on fieldwork activities, inspect the data which will have been assembled at Sparwasser HQ and to discuss future operations. A press conference and a public consultation will be held at Sparwasser HQ."

Existing since 1999, INS has become widely known through activities such as residencies (at the Austrian Cultural Institute, London and DasArts Foundation in Amsterdam, both 2001), publications ("General Secretary's First Report to First Committee: Navigation Was Always a Difficult Art", 2002 and "General Secretary's Second Report to First Committee: Calling All Agents", 2003. Both published by Vargas Organisation, London), events such as "The Second First Committee Hearing: Transmission, Death, Technology (Cubitt Gallery, London 2002), and "The INS Radio Broadcasting Unit (ICA in London, 2004).

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CitySellingCityTelling present, all-together, four projects from April 20. through May 28. Former exhibitions included Andreas Fogarasi (Vienna) and Tadej Pogacar/CODE:RED (Ljubljana). Furthermore Kristina Ask/Free Floating Faculty (Copenhagen) is participating. CitySellingCityTelling is part of the project Urban Art Stories that ties together Copenhagen, Berlin, and Malmö in a joint cultural manifestation.

Thanks to Urban Art Stories, the British Council, and the Danish Arts Agency