Andreas Fogarasi Public Brands


Opening April 19. 7 - 11 pm,

Exhibition period April 20. - 30 2005

As the first part of Sparwasser HQ's six-week project CitySellingCityTelling,
we proudly present the Austrian artist Andreas Fogarasi's Public Brands.

Fogarasi examines the branding of the public sphere from a critical point
of view. Public administrations present themselves increasingly to their
citizens and tourists as brands, with the intention of offering to the
public a point of reference or identification.

These brands are appropriated by Fogarasi in various media spanning from
video and photo to installation. Public Brands - Deutsche Städte is a video
piece made particularly for the exhibition at Sparwasser HQ. There is
something almost hypnotic about the presentation of the logo of one German
City after the other. Each one is reduced to a black and white graphic,
some relying on traditional emblems while others are obviously aiming at a
more contemporary or modern aesthetic.

Another piece reenacts various logos from Copenhagen, and is thereby taking
point of departure in the particular context of CitySellingCityTelling being part
of Urban Art Stories: a project taking shape through the joint efforts of partners
in Copenhagen, Berlin and Malmö.

Press photos

Through subtle appropriation and distillation of the logos and corporate designs of public administrations, Fogarasi reflects how states, regions, and cities increasingly define themselves by the same terms as corporations.
Furthermore Fogarasi will do an interview with Dr. Albrecht Göschel from Deutschen Instituts für Urbanismus.


CitySellingCityTelling will present all-together four projects from April
20. through May 28. The coming projects include Tadej Pogacar / CODE:RED
(Ljubljana) International Necronautical Society (London), and Kristina Ask
/Free Floating Faculty (Copenhagen). CitySellingCityTelling is part of the
project Urban Art Stories that ties together Copenhagen, Berlin, and Malmö
in a joint cultural manifestation.


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Thanks to Urban Art Stories, British Council and The Danish Arts Agency.



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