LIVES: Copenhagen and Berlin



The postgraduate programme Critical Studies in Malmö, Sweden (a collaboration between Malmö Art Academy, Rooseum and The Univeristy of Lund)

Graduating from The Royal Danish Art Academy; visual artist and MA in Theory & Communication

Studying at the department of Theory & Communication

Studying at the department of Media Art

Exchange student at Hochshule der Kunst, Berlin

The Royal Danish Art Academy

Art Director, freelance graphic designer4


Workshops: N55, Peter Greenaway, Mary Beth Edelson, Andreas Siekman, Superchannel, Renée Green, Hito Steyerl, Martha Rostler, Marion Von Osten, Jakob Jakobsen.
Reading classes: Kirstine Kern, Simon Sheikh, Åsa Nacking, Robert Kudielka, Philip Ursprung, Sabeth Buchman og Katja Diefenbach, Sharon Hayes and Andrea Geyer.
Seminars: Susan Hinnum, Niels Lyngsøe, Jan Bäcklund, Sarat Maharaj, Simon Sheikh, Rudi Laermans, Geyatri Spivak, Gertrud Sandquist, Shep Steiner.
Courses: Sound editing: Cubase. Video editing: Avid, Premier, Final Cut, After Effects. Webdesign/Graphics: Photoshop, Quark Xpress, Dreamweaver, Livestreaming/webbroadcasting




PUBLICATION on the theme Art as knowledge production, sceduled for printing in September
Urban Circulation, collaborative project in Lichtenberg, Berlin, May
Free Floating Faculty
at the group exhibition City Rumble, Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, April-June
Wir Wissen, group exhibition at Xnergasse, Wienna, March-April


Reserch for the project Urban Circulation in Lichtenberg, Berlin
Workshop at The Werkleitz Biennalen in Halle, Germany, in collaboration with Critical Studies. See:!/?HalleSchoolCriticalStudies
Unionising Workshop, Flaxman Lodge, London, in collaboration with Karoline Larsen og Jakob Jakobsen. See:
Manyfacture; exhibition at The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, in collaboration with the Critical Studies, Malmö, in relation to the conference "Reworking the interface between human creativity and technology" (v./ Cambridge University og Reykjavik University)
Malmöfeature; exhibition and research project about Malmö, Rooseum/ The Test Site
V3TO ( contributes to Utopi Station, The Social Forum in Lund, Sweden. See:
V3TO contributes to the catalogue of Fundamentalisms of the New Order (Charlottenborg & Nifca, 2004)


The fall Exhibition at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, in collaboration with V3TO, Kunstart and Jan Danebod
pArt; Göteborg, panel discussion about projectbased work and work in progress, Nifca
V3TO takes part in the exhibition Rocker by Choice at Chisenhale gallery, London (curated by Tone O. Nielsen). See:
V3TO contributes to the publication Copy Cat (Lars Bang Larsen and Brett Bloom)
Artnode Xmas calender, see:

The paper Re/aktion:
Graduation exhbition EXIT at Kunstforeningen Gammelstrand, Copenhagen. See:
Re/aktion is presented at the exhibition Minority Repport; Gallery Pio Diaz, Copenhagen

Selvsving; Køge Skitsesamling. See:
Woman 2003; billboard project in Copenhagen and malmö (Catalog published by Informations Forlag) See:
Offentlig Uro, V3TO presentation at Det Jyske Kunstakademi, Århus, Denmark


Developes the network V3TO;
V3TO is a network of people with a critical interest in the current state of democracy and the battlefield of communication in public space and in the media. The aim of V3TO is to investigate and challenge the increasing limitations of critical action within contemporary society. V3TO will target this through interventions in and the creation of situations in spaces usually considered 'non-political'...
V3TO produces the poster INFORMATION and initiates the platform V3TONITE at the exhibition The Order of the New Fundamentalisms, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

Wild in the Streets, seminar at Nifca (Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art), Helsinki
Selvsving, Copenhagen Zoo


Urban Legend; Konstakuten, Stockholm. See:
Copkop; Asbæk Undergrund, Kbh.
Bits & Pieces; a DVD video compilation, The Media Art school
Kunstart in the park H. C. Ørstedsparken, Copenhagen
Kunstart at Stereo Bar, Copenhagen


Roomservice; The Exhibition space of the Art Academy, in collaboration with Jens Brink
Kunstart Awarehaus; Galerie Fehler Pan Tappert, Berlin
Developes the project B-Sights;
B-Sights is a research project investigating artpractices intervening in other parts of society. A series of interviews and talks broadcasted at B-Sights
Developes the project Reform;
Reform is a developement of a virtual/physical space of collaboration and exchange. It is an initiative to create a forum for information, knowladge and developement of contemporary art, philosophy and politics as a basis for acting on a local level in a global perspective...


Initiates the group Kunstart;
Kunstart is a platform from where we sample different means of expression to a whole bigger than the sum of the components. Our projects materialize as events making the situation our medium. With sound, light, dialogue, social energies and defenitions of space we aim at challenging affirmative ways of thinking and interacting...
Kunstart An Event; at The House of Music Vega, Copenhagen (see Dansk Kunst 99)
Kunstart A Possibility; at the factory Soyakage Fabrikken, Copenhagen
Kunstart A Possibility; at Holmen, Copenhagen
Kunstart at Rust/Basement, Copenhagen
I love Nature by Otto; Copenhagen



2004: Monument, an antology in relation to the exhibition Monument, about art in public space, Copenhagen (visuel and text) See:
2004: Bkf-Bladet maj/juni, Populism (visuel)
2004: Nifca Info, about the exhibition Manyfacture (text)
2003: The paper Re/aktion (visuel and text)
2003: Exit catalogue (visuel and text)
2003: Nifca Info, in relation to pArt, Gothenborg (text)
2003: Woman 2003 (visuel)



Co-editor and grahpic designer of the Danish art magazine Øjeblikket since winter 2002. See the editions no. 43 'Inclusion/Exclusion', no. 44 'Drawing'. (See also: Bkf-Bladet, Nov/Dec 2003).
UKK, Danish organisation for young artists, curators and critics. Member of the board since fall 2004 (See interview in the Wienna publication Malmoe, Winter 2004).
Residency of the Danish Art Council in Berlin December 2004 ­ July 2005
Part of the artist-run local TV-station TVTV in Copenhagen
Graphic designer of the catalogue for the exhibition Circa Berlin, Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, 2005.