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17. Dezember | 20 Uhr | Künstlerpräsentation von COLONEL

10. November | 20 Uhr | Kika Thorne Künstlerpräsentation und Videovorführung

4. März | 19 Uhr | Performance-Vortrag mit Ho Tzu Nyen

17 und 21 Uhr | Videovorführungen | organisiert von Heman Chong


Colonel will do an update presentation of his work

including protest underwear from Roskilde festival  , de - street art media transport   , soft ware happyness ,   ultra fast exhibition

the artist as catalyst , and mesure d 'identités ....




Kika Thorne

Initiated by Instant Coffee's Jenifer Papararo Sparwasser HQ invites the Toronto artist Kika Thorne, who is passing by Berlin, to give an 'artists talk' and screen some of her videos.

Kika Thorne is also a participant of the project Old Habits Die Hard, where she is the favorit video artist of artist run space Mercer Union, Toronto.


Work documentations / press photos


Ho Tzu Nyen

Ho Tzu Nyen is an artist and a writer based in Singapore. He graduated from Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne in 2001, with a Dean's Award for Academic Excellence, and is currently an Associate Artist with The Substation, Singapore's pioneer independent artspace (www.substation.org).

As an artist, Ho is interested in the possibility of producing a work of art that does not die with the end of its exhibition-life, but which can be disseminated in the economical medium of talks is something he is currently interested in. His first solo exhibition in Singapore, Utama ­ Every Name in History is I, was made up of a film, a set of 20 paintings, an installation and a research project about the origins of Singapore. Subsequently, this exhibition has been repackaged into a presentation. This project was shown at the 26th Sao Paulo Biennale and is currently being performed at the ICA London as part of the Insomnia series.

As a writer, Ho frequently writes on art and cinema. Some of his writings can be found in the exhibition catalogues 'Cinepolitans ­ Film, Art and the City' and 'Painting as Process ­ Re-evaluating Painting', as well as in the magazines, Art Asia Pacific (US), Broadsheet (Australia), REALTIME (Australia), Singapore Architect, ISH and Vehicle. He has recently completed two essays on Singaporean cinema that will be published in the near future. A Research Scholar at the National University of Singapore, Southeast Asian Studies Programme, he is writing a dissertation on the anxieties of influence in postwar Singaporean art history.

Vortrag in Sparwasser HQ März 2005

Ausstellungsbeteiligung in Sparwasser HQ Januar 2007 und neue Biografie