Thomas Poulsen (FOS)

Born 1971 in Copenhagen
Lives and works in Copenhagen


1993-99 The Danish Royal Art Academy, Copenhagen

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1994 Ind Out, Ameliegade 13, Copenhagen
1999 Oslo,on Israel Squver in Copenhagen
2000 Between the black house, gallery oneoone, raykjavik, Island
2001 Inhaling human suffering exhaling well being Social design #4
Galerie Mikael Andersen copenhagen and Café Englen Århus
"Sociality as the shell the person as liquid" VTO gallery London.Uk


Selected Group Exhibitions

1993 Charlottenborg's Autumn Exhibition, Copenhagen
1995 Inter Hotel, Inter Hotel, Istanbul
Billund Sculpture Park Billund
1996 Smile Now ­ Cry Later, The Turbine Halls, Copenhagen
Update, The Turbine Halls, Copenhagen
Dust Sculpture (Pars Electronic), Zürich
The Site of the Crime, The police yard, Copenhagen
Notes from the Anthrpomorph Figures of the Exitstence, Forum Gallery, Malmoe
1997 The New Neighbourhood Pars Electronic,Charlottenborg's,Copenhagen
"Hurray Artist party" Torbjørn Beckman Weekend Gallery, Copenhagen
Shop-ping, Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen
White Loop (Homelamps, Pars Electronic), Arkipelag, Stockholm
Underground, Gallery Asbæk Basement, Copenhagen
1998 Flora Fobi, Sophienholm, Lyngby, Denmark
Tûmbula Tûmbula (Pars Electronic), Århus Festival, Denmark
1999 Cities on the Move (Nasubi Gallery), Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek,
Hello I'm Your Son, Capital Art, Hamburg
Pizza (Street sharks), Kørner's Office at Magasin du Nord Warehouse,Copenhagen
Big Red (organized by FOS & Tal R), Michael Andersen Gallery, Copenhagen
Opening Show, Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen
Social Design 3: Oslo ­ A Social Pavillion (organized by FOS), Copenhagen
Pizza with the Social Design, gallery 1%, Copenhagen
The Accomplished Consultants, Hallo Gallery, Copenhagen
2000 Social Design Vs. The bitch of accidents artprimur, Holland
"Ambasade" Copenhagen witth, Kørners Kontor
"The vessel of paint" 16-bit color GalleryNewart Copenhagen
2001 "KOM" Open sculpture project Sydhavnen Copenhagen


Video works
"Two brothers" 99´ "The Bitch" 00´ Coffebody´01

Musik CD production.
works as and dj since 1996
1996 The New Neighbourhood
1997 (Pars Electronic), (CD)
1997 shop-ping (Pars Electronic), (CD)
Withe Loop (Homelamps, Pars Electronic)

Interior Design (Permanent installations)

1997 Social Design 1: Stereo Bar, Copenhagen
1998 Social Design 2: Ideal Bar (Little Vega),

Grands/sold to

Kunstmaler H.C Koefod legat
Statens Kunstfond
Slaipir residency 2001


Corporation Copenhagen ­Jylland Potsten 2000
The catalogue of Oslo and the social design 2000
Inhaling human suffering exhaling well being 2001
Dynamic in dough ­ Ambassade 2001


1995 UNISEF's 50 Year Anniversary Celebration,
1996-99 Oslo Bar. A social club project (in collaboration with Peter Leth) where a themes of a social nature, a music style and design ­ has the ambition to temporarily transform the different sites were it takes place. Oslo Bar has been held at in Malmoe Sweden, in the royal Park Copenhagen, Le Kitch (a club) in Copenhagen, Danish Radio etc.
2000 "minutes later" a collaporation with video artist Joachim Hamou. Copenhagen.
2001 "Inside nannys head from the hip hop bucket"
A social event at Woodstock Cristania Copenhagen