SPARWASSER HQ @ subvision. kunst. festival. off.
26th august – 6th september 2009

The Sparwasser HQ participation in Subvision-Festival Hamburg was the sum of projects by Instant Coffee, Vinyl Terror & Horror, Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop and Ykon.

Situated on an evacuated peninsula of a once busy harbour in an industrial setting of a container park, the artist projects arrived to find themselves in that scatter of a post party of earlier times treasures. Mechanical machinery, atomic power, the dream of the global superiority, monocultured and resistant vegetation are actors who perform on the sand during these two weeks.

In line with the curatorial idea of Subvision that an independent artist is different and will assimilate to the worst possible condition for an exhibition, that he can make his disadvantage into his advantage, the artist projects transform the awkward situation in the HafenCity and gave Subvision the chance to invent a new form of outdoor art museum. So the artists, however non-commercial and 'other' as they are, created art works and situations which adapt to this situation of arrogant modernist thinking about otherness and universality. In this way the artists expressed their belonging to contemporary culture with all the give and take, and act within value sensitive asthetic dimensions. In the far horizon there is a climate change meeting being planned (ethical or strategical).





// August 29th // Ykon Game by artist group YKON
// August 30th // Micronations and Micronation Summits /Lecture by Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, YKON



If you need a Press image please use this one: It shows the installation made by Instant Coffee on our site. Other participants that took part in the festival you find on A short guide is available there for 5 €.