Ykon @ subvision. kunst. festival. off.
26th august – 6th september 2009

The artist group YKON was part of Sparwasser HQs participation in the subvision. kunst. festival. off. During the festival they also invited to take part in 2 special events:


// August 29th // 3-10 PM // Ykon Game by artist group YKON

"The Hamburg Hafencity: the ultimate hotspot for a total Earth makeover."

On August 29th the artist group YKON invited the public to participate in their Game. Occupying the last container on the peninsula (25b) they situated their game zone in the sand in front of their info center. The artists introduced their Game that is a world simulation for up to 30 players. The world is put “on hold” for 6 years. You can tinker with the world as you please. What will you change? How can you seduce others to go along with your changes? The game is developed out of a theory by Buckminster Fuller, who suggested that "defining the rules of a game" could be a basic way of understanding life itself, to "solve the scenarios" it offers.
Ykon: "This game will uncover the daring, breathtaking, sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrifying thoughts that could forever alter the world, and the way we live in it. Your thoughts: our world!"


// August 30th // 6 PM // Micronations and Micronation Summits
Lecture by Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, YKON

In his lecture Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen presented the Ykon project Micronations and Micronation Summit: Micronations "are utopian communities operating within or outside the power structures of the world. Micronations are small alternative communities created and shared by like-minded people. Micronations can exist as historical anomalies, as virtual entities or a combination of both. As communities of discourse, they create utopian ideas, concepts and symbols as alternatives for established narratives of power. The YKON group has been involved with the phenomenon of micronations since 2003. The YKON group has developed a number of working methods for its micronations project. After background research, each individual project is linked to the specific place/community/society, and the idea of each micronation is given a visual identity." ykon.org/projects



sykon in container