I Know The World, I

September 13. - October 6.

Lise Harlev, J&K, Søren Lose, Sascha Pohle

Artists Talk with Sascha Pohle: Saturday, September 15. at 8PM

Artists Talk mit Søren Lose and Lise Harlev : Saturday, October 6. at 8PM

press material:
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Lise Harlev:
"How Great They Are" (2007) neon/wood


"J&K in Egypt" (Slide show on monitor, 2006/2007)
The presentation is showing photographic documentation and strategic thought deriving from a series of performative interventions undertaken during a 2-months stay in Cairo and journeys through Egypt autumn 2006.


Søren Lose:
"Outward Bound! Abroard! Homeward!" , fragment from, the exhibition in Thorvaldsens Museum, Kopenhagen(2006)
"Udsigt Coloseum" Foto / "Kunstneren i Sabinerbjergene" Foto

Sascha Pohle:
video still from "The Swimmer " (2002), digital video, 60 mins. / page from the tourist catalogue

The Glowing Whistle Festival

From January 13. till end of the year 2007

By utilizing the exhibition space as a stage to accommodate moments of authenticity - or a scripted choreography of ideas - we suggest with the festival to look at different artistic positions working within performance and other 'staged' productions.

curated by Sparwasser HQ/ Lise Nellemann