I Know The World, I
13. September - 6. Oktober


Soren Lose

Titel: Ud!Ude. Hjem! -(fragment).

Artistic occupation with Rome today altogether seems as an impossible obstacle race filled with clichés. On the one hand we find tradition and on the other the countless representations of Mass Tourisms greatest highlights interpreted in postcards, private holiday photos, the Internet etc.         

In 2004 I therefore went on a 4 months residency to Rome armed with a camera and thorough art historic research in an attempt to rediscover the fascination of this mythological and overexposed place.

The result of this updated Grand Tour of cultural manners is therefore something new and more than a mere photographic reconstruction of a number of scenic motives. Rather the theme refers to a substantial reinterpretation of an artistic tradition that for better or worse still has great importance to Danish cultural self-image.

The work Ud!Ude. Hjem! thematizes the classical obligatory Rome Grand Tour that artists from all over Europe set out for in the first half of the 19th century.

The project, which is part of a greater place related exhibition run at Thorvaldsens Museum situated in Copenhagen Spring '06, compare private snap-shots of the 1960ies, bought tourist slides and my own photographic reinterpretations of the classical Roman motives.

-Søren Lose, 2007.