I Know The World, I
13. September - 6. Oktober


J&K in Egypt
(Slide show on monitor, 2006/2007)

The presentation is showing photographic documentation and strategic thought deriving from a series of performative interventions undertaken during a 2-months stay in Cairo and journeys through Egypt autumn 2006.

J&K, "Egyptomaniacs / Horus and Anubis in Islamic Cairo", photo, 42 x 28 cm, 2006/2007

J&K, "Egyptomaniacs / The Giza Pact", photo, 2006/2007

J&K, "Egyptomaniacs / Deserted Beach Camp, Nuweiba", photo, 42 x 28 cm, 2006/2007




I Know The World, III
November 16. - December 15.

J&K (Janne Schäfer & Kristine Agergaard): Egyptomaniacs
(Installation consisting of three-dimensional collages, photographs, collage figures, collage wall paper, 2006/2007)In Sparwasser HQ will be shown a second version of the installation Egyptomaniacs.

The installation is curently exhibited at Overgaden - Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Sept. 1 – Oct. 21., 2007.

The two artists Janne Schäfer (D, f. 1976) & Kristine Agergaard (DK, f. 1975), cooperating since 1999, work within a peculiar artistic universe, where they stage and photograph themselves in a number of performative roles appearing in utopian and startling constructed worlds.

The exhibition is based on photographic material of a two months residency in Egypt, October-November 2006, and it reflects J&K's interpretation of the complexity in Egyptian and Arabic culture inspired by travelling, religion, mythology, rituals and psychedelia. The result is a work put together in digital collages that are distributed within the exhibition in a spatial manner as a 3.dimentional collage in which the visitor can freely enter. Here a futuristic world of fiction and pseudo-documentary reveals itself, and we find the colonists of the past now caught up in tourist resorts and prophets encountering both witches from inland Africa and hip-hoppers from Cairo.

With the exhibition J&K reveals the absurd in the perception of western civilization and point to the fact that the world as we once knew it, is changing and about to disappear in favour of a development out of our control.