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September 13. - 22. 2003


Under the title Unwetter, artists, activists, and theorists work together in the pursuit of non-academic knowledge production. The catalyst for Unwetter were the year long projects Ideas Lab and Thinking and Doing Documenta, offered by Sarat Maharaj as part of his guest professorship at Humboldt University, Berlin, in 2001 and 2002. Maharaj proposed the German word "Unwetter" as a model for the collapse of binary oppositions. In a way, to talk of "Unwetter" is actually absurd. Literally translated, "Unwetter" means non-weather; in reality, the word is defined and translated as inclement weather. Like an "Unwetter," global upheavals swirl around the knowledge systems that were previously in place. This opens up spaces that we stroll through and investigate. Interrelationships between individuals, projects, ideas, and material of all kinds are undertaken in an experimental mode. In shifting formations, from one, to five, to one hundred (networks), we proceed through practical and theoretical means. Different project threads develop. The resulting material is collected in boxes. Out of different, even peripheral perspectives, we research the indications of change, conflict, crisis, newly emerging structures, etc. Unwetter thus functions analogous to weather formations.

The basic format of Unwetter is the Discursive Picnic, which connects different contexts in an ongoing process of reciprocal exchange. We offer invitations to a picnic that is both physical and intellectual, that functions as a potluck, where each participant can be both guest and host at the same time. We arrive, we unpack the Unwetter-Thermobox, where ideas are kept cool, and we exchange, alter, repack and move on in different directions, to meet somewhere again. From September 13th ­ 22nd, at Sparwasser HQ, Unwetter develops a sequence of temporary discursive sets and situations, presents the boxes and their contents in ever changing conditions, and invites participation. The opening reception will be held on September 12th at 8 pm. On September 20th, a Discursive Picnic will take place at Sparwasser HQ; we invite all to attend and to bring food and refreshments.


Unwetter's homepage


at Sparwasser HQ:
Torstrasse 161
10115 Berlin Mitte

Special opening hours:
Mo - Fr. 4 - 8 pm
Sa, Su 2 - 6 pm
September 19./20. open until 11 pm


Opening September the 12. at 8 pm

"Reto Pulver spielt Bass," Performance
"Sprechstunde," Dr. Clemens Krauss, 21-22 Uhr, Performance


So, 14.09.2003, 20 Uhr, Filmnotiz zu dem philippinischen Regisseur Lav Diaz,
dessen Batang Westside ein bisher im Deutschland kaum rezipiertes
transkulturelles Kino vertritt. Ausschnitte und Arbeitsgespräch mit Bert Rebhandl.

Di, 16.09.2003, 20 Uhr, 2/5BZ aka Serhat Köksal, Konzert und Visuals,

Mi, 17.09.2003, 19 Uhr, selfSTORAGE, (60 min OmU.) von Ingrid Molnar. New
Yorker aus allen Gesellschaftsschichten gewähren Enblick in ihre ganz privaten
Lagerräume. www.storage-the-film.de,

Fr, 19./ Fr, 19.09.2003, 17-19 Uhr, "Sprechstunde", Dr. Clemens Krauss,

Sa, 20.09.2003, 17 Uhr, Discursive Picnic, bitte Getränke und Essen mitbringen.

Picnic Photo


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Interventionen, Discursive Picnics, Vorträge



· Discursive Picnic_Kassel, anl.der Eröffnung der Documenta 11_Plattform 6, Park Karlsaue, Kassel

· Unwetter-Summer-of-2002-Tour:

- Intervention, Wiener Sezession, Vienna

- Museum of National History of Yugoslavia "25th May", Belgrade

- Critical Studies, Kunstakademie, Malmö

· Unwetter Walk_Berlin, vom Grabmahl Hegels zum Flughafen Tegel, Berlin



· Discursive Picnic_Dis-positiv, Staatsbank, Berlin

· Discursive Picnic_Landschaftspflegehof e.V., Berlin

· Commodified Picnic, Berlin

· To Hike to the East, Jüdischer Friedhof, Sportforum, ehem. Flüchtlingswohnheim Hohenschönhausen Berlin


in Vorbereitung

· G.U.N., Oktober 2003, Oslo
· Ringbahnpicnic, S-Bahn, Berlin