Performance "Sprechstunde (consultation-hour)"

Clemens Krauss


Service is the product of consumption of our time. But in near future more of those services particulary the medical ones - will become more exclusive.

In "Sprechstunde (consultation-hour) the social service in the form of a medical talk with a medical doctor becomes a performative artistic peace of an exhibition.


The Vienna and Berlin based Austrian artist Clemens Krauss has beside his artistic formation absolved a medical curriculum and graduated in 1997 to a Dr. med. univ.

Before dedicating his entire intention to his artistic education and work especially painting, photography and concept art he worked as a doctor in several hospitals.

The artistic peace "Sprechstunde (consultation-hour) is an attempt to put a qualified service into the context of an art exhibition. The visitor turns into a patient and is able to consume a private medical talk with the medical doctor Krauss for free.