Freeways and Garage

September 28. - October 19. 2000

Event, 21st of October
Event, 12th of October




Wolfgang Betke (D), Peter Dacke (S), Robert Henke (D), Jonathan Horowitz (USA), Michael Lapuks (D), Karina Mosegård (DK), Anders Remmer (DK), Sonde (D), Annika Ström (S), Bjørn Svin/ Æter (DK), Carla Åhlander (S)

Thursday, October 12 at 8 pm Sound performance. "Æter / Dj Bjørn Svin" are presenting a new collaboration.

In the context of ART FORUM BERLIN, the project space Sparwasser HQ organizes an exhibition focusing on sound-based artwork.

For the duration of the exhibition Freeways and Garage, the gallery space will be converted into an archive, containing sounds and tones created by various artists and musicians. The exhibition emphasizes the relationships between the visual artist and the musician, and provides a point of contact, a meeting place for the artist, whose installations concentrate on sound, and the experimentally active musician and/or DJ. The observer, the visitor, the listener, or the recipient (this is, perhaps, the most appropriate term) does not always recognize the division between one trade and the other. The artists and artworks presented in Freeways and Garage explore this blurred distinction.

Wolfgang Betke's audio-play pieces and Peter Dackes' sound contributions exemplify experimentation with the blurred boundaries between artist and musician. Betke often appears with the group "Ocean Club" at WMF-Club in Berlin Mitte. Musician Robert Henke, through his music label "monolake," challenges the acoustic undertones in the works of artists like Michael Lapkus. The artist-group Sonde is highly respected in the DJ-world. Also presented are Bjorn Svin, in collaboration with the group Aeter and narrative work by Karin Mosegard.

In conjunction with ART FORUM, Sparwasser HQ invites two guests from the art fair program to participate also in the exhibition Freeways and Garage: Annika Ström from "Atle Gerhardson," Norway and Jonathan Horowitz from "Gallery Naftaly," New York. Please note that Ström's work can be heard on our website: Horowitz's "Talking without Thinking" utilizes recording devices and acoustic elements. Finally, the collaboration between Carla Ahlander and Anders Remmler, "Art meets DJ and Music," exemplifies the theme of the exhibition. At the same time that Ahlander, a visual artist, records the "surrealistic interview" (a piece about the transformation of the eastern European socialist viewpoint in relation to changing roles of women), Remmler makes audible these shifting modes on the record player.