S P A R W A S S E R   K L A N G  -  K L U B  
proudly presents


a music, video, and performance event


2:00  -  11:00 pm




And Sparwasser HQ continues. The fourth show is exclusively sound-based. Food for your ears. Briefly: artists making art as sounds, and musicians making sounds as art. In conjunction with the exhibition Freeways and Garage, we present a series of events titled EXTENSIONS.

EXTENSIONS dives deeper into an investigation of the creation of contemporary art. Previously in this series, Sparwasser HQ held artist-talks by female video-artists from Scandinavia. Now, it is time for music and other sounds. We take a closer look at your CD player: not the electronic object itself, but rather the people behind this small circle of plastic. Who is playing, what do they look like, what are they performing, what kind of equipment do they use, etc. To this effect, last week, in the basement of Sparwasser HQ, we presented a music-event, an evening of non-terrestrial sounds by Bjørn Svin and Æter.

SPARWASSER KLANG - KLUB invites you to the fifth EXTENSION event, taking place on Saturday October 21. 2000, from 2:00 to 11.00 pm.

On October 21st, we present a wide range of activities, including: music, video, performance, and some surprises. Several of the musicians/artists take part also in the exhibition Freeways and Garage: Anders Remmer, Sonde, and Wolfgang Betke. In the EXTENSIONS event, Remmer (Dub Tractor) and Sonde will play music and Betke will present a spoken-word performance. A group called New Beginings travels by van from Stockholm, Sweden to Berlin. Their van is converted into a studio for the transmissions of sounds. So take care when you're strolling through Berlin that day, shopping, or whatever!!! Simultaneous with the presentation of sounds, we introduce several video-artists. Videos by Per Teljer and Mike Ballou give the event a special atmosphere. Finally, Sparwasser HQ launches the video-magazine S.C.R.A.M. TV. The magazine presents a mixture of films, interviews, animations, and more, reflecting on art and video.

A short introduction to the participating artists/musicians:

Mike Ballou lives in New York. Last year, he had a scholarship at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin and exhibited at the Pineapple, Malmö. He produces mainly stills, film, and video work. Ballou also makes site-specific art, in which material and ideas depend on the situation and its context. His projects and objects reside between the house of doing and the luggage-cart of being.
Wolfgang Betke is an artist/writer from Germany. He is working on the device to show something without betraying it. His work is giving, while at the same time investigates attitudes and strategies of concealment (without being outright hermetic). Beauty conceals other beauty. Betke works in the mediums of painting, photography, radio plays, and text. He exhibits and does readings (with The Ocean Club) at the WMF-club in Berlin Mitte.

New Beginings is an artist-group from Stockholm, Sweden. Its members are: Martin Bergström, Terje Östling, and Mathias Nilsson. Using music, food, and other devices, New Beginings creates situations or environments that effect a positive change on society. New Beginings converted a van into a mobile sound system, which they will use to transmit sounds into the cityscape of Berlin. The artists will also prepare food for the audience at Sparwasser HQ.

Anders Remmer lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is possible for the viewer/listener to dive into Remmer's sound-works at any point and to obtain quickly an overview of their structure and the artist's method. This is because Remmer is concerned with familiar themes: pop-music and repetition. He takes part in the exhibition Freeways and Garage at Sparwasser HQ, in which he presents Hum Part 2, a piece that contains humming and buzzing from his sound-machines. Remmer works under the pseudonyms Jet, Dub Tractor, and Future 3. He also makes music for installations by the artist group N55.

S.C.R.A.M is based in Malmö, Sweden. The project started three years ago as an energetic art-magazine with an active website. Today, S.C.R.A.M has developed into a video-magazine, presenting two Berlin artists, Susanne Weirich and Olav Westphalen, among others, in its first issue. The editorial staff is: David Krantz, Fredrik Sandblom, Virgil Dejarv, and Marie Johansson.

Sonde is an artist-group from Germany. Its members are: Christian Tants, Daniel Sprenger, Lars Böckmann, and Matthias Kolk. In February 1998, Sonde began initiating concerts, happenings, radio shows, and club-events, using dj/video technology. Sonde's improvisational approach fuses heterogeneous audiovisual elements in strange and unexpected ways. They bring Burrough's technique to a contemporary medial standard - "cut it up to see what is there."

Per Teljer is a video-artist. He is originally from Sweden and now lives in Berlin. "...The violence of Teljer's works is far from grandiose. It is the petty violence of the small town, made nastier still in that it is personally directed and so much part of everyday life. Teljer as victim is also not the martyr sacrificing himself to some great cause rather he is one of innocents massacred and unnumbered. His characters are the harmless, the helpless, and the handicapped and it is precisely those least able to defend themselves that are victimised..." William Easton.