During September-October-November Sparwasser HQ/ Lise Nellemann and Janos Fodor are artists-in-residence in 72-13 in Singapore. Days of presentation in Singapore will be November 20.-21.

Investigating the Singapore art scene we ask Singapore artists to respond to the project Sparwasser HQ. During the 2 months stay in Singapore a project will be initiated, a project which reflects on methods of documentation. After 6 years of Sparwasser HQ activities in Berlin, it is time to Document past activities. RE-ENACTMENT will be the tested method. Singapore artists will be invited to re-visit and re-enact earlier Berlin exhibitions, these being translated into their new and instant versions/ visions. Sparwasser HQ history will be written in Singapore. Severel artists in Singapore were invited.

Artist Janos Fodor assisted by Sparwasser HQ/ Lise Nellemann will also develop a (residency-) exhibition, that will take place in March-April 2007 in the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. A part of this exhibition will be a non-curated corner, which offers an easily access to Singaporian artist`s port folios and proposals, titled Singapore Lounge.

November 20.
Open House in 72-13 between 2 pm-8 pm.
Janos Fodor will receive portfolios and will show the structure of the later Singapore Lounge and exhibition in the Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin. Janos Fodor will show his work and there will be time for a chat and a glass of wine.

November 21.
Sparwasser HQ history will be written in Singapore. 4 Singapore artists will re-visit and perform re-enactments of earlier Sparwasser HQ exhibitions.

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Lise Nellemann will talk about the book How to Engage, 19 Floor Plans And 5 Parameters Of How To Measure A Succes, case study: Sparwasser HQ. Berlin based, Hungarian artist Janos Fodor and Danish artist Lise Nellemann are in Singapore with the support of Nifca (Global exchange), The Berlin Senat (Senatsverwaltung fºr Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur, Kulturaustausch) and the Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin.