Sparwasser HQ in Singapore


Both Berlin-based, Danish artist Lise Nellemann and Hungarian artist
Janos Fodor are residency artists in 72-13 from Sep - Nov 2006.


Public Presentations:

20 November at 72-13, 7 pm till late (Open call for Singapore artists)
Host: Janos Fodor, who will also show some of his own works

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21 November at 72-13, 7 pm till late (with the participation of Ho Tzu
Nyen, Paul Rae, Woon Tien Wei and Dirk Fleischmann)
Host: Lise Nellemann present the 'writing history project'

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Address: 72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

Free admission





On the 20th Janos Fodor will show a selection of his work in 72-13. In
particular, Janos Fodor invites the local artists community:


Open call for artists

20 November. Singapore, 72-13, from 7pm to late.

Please bring your portfolios and digital material, documentations and
proposals, and let us meet!

We are looking for any kind of experienced artists, students and
professionals, who want take part in the SingaporeLounge.

The collection of portfolios and proposals will make the
SingaporeLounge. The SingaporeLounge will be a part of a forthcoming
exhibition titled 'tradition fiction' in the Collegium Hungaricum,
Berlin, in March/ April 2007. Your work & materials must related to
the exhibition concept (see below). All material of the
SingaporeLounge will be shown without any selection.

tradition fiction is curated by Janos Fodor, media artist and
journalist and assisted by Sparwasser HQ. Fodor's' 72-13 residency is
made possible by The Berlin Senat and the Collegium Hungaricum in


Exhibition concept:

Futurama and re-inventing tradition?

Self-reflection and a kind of integrity coming from cultural diversity
is supposed to be the main question of national entity. It is the work
thesis for the forthcoming exhibition for the process of progress.

The possibilities of history-making, critical attitude on past events,
and the chance to construct an acceptable platform for everybody's
self-description on an inter-cultural, national, communal and
subjective level, might show a potential solution for today's growing
identity crisis.

Our topic is the reconstruction of communal memories, and the know-how
of building conversations between different ethnical, political or
cultural groups on the common platform of sharing similar place &

This reconstruction or rebuilding of memories should be based more on
everyday experiences, practical answers, on compromises and
conversations and less on comfortable cliches.





Lise Nellemann is in Singapore as an exchange between Nifca and 72-13

With the help of local artists, she will present alternative ways of
writing (art) history.

case study: Sparwasser HQ, Offensive for Contemporary Art and
Communication, in Berlin


As a founder and responsible (programming/policy) for this
international artist-run project space, Lise Nellemann writes the
history of SparwasserHQ in Singapore. (After 6 years of Sparwasser HQ
activities in Berlin, it is time to Document.)

The 72-13 residency is a research into methods of documenting
exhibitions and the writing of (art) history. RE-VISITING and
RE-ENACTMENT are the two methods tested.

Invited contemporary artists from Singapore were asked to respond to
and elaborate upon a selection from Sparwasser's archive of

As a re-interpretation or a re-evaluation of exhibitions which took
place in Berlin in the past, this re-visit can help to describe
differences in time and space. A re-visit gives a new dimension to
"art history writing" and provide us with an understanding of how an
exhibition can be translated and be read in the future.

On the 21 Nov. invited artists will present their re-enactments of
earlier Sparwasser HQ exhibitions.

Woon Tien Wei from p-10 will move the entire Sparwasser HQ data-base
to a Singapore server and leave it here for a year.

Paul Rae is going to translate a part of the online Sparwasser HQ
archive from its original into local languages, he will erase the
English/German version.

Ho Tzu Nyen will have Lise Nelleman and Janos Fodor re-enact the
current event that they are presenting in Singapore in the present.

Dirk Fleischmann will create and show a new version of the exhibition
"Dying to make a living" (March 2005, see archive on The 8 art works (originally by 4 artists) will
be re-enacted, using actors, online communication software, video,
light and spacial interventions.

Lise Nelleman was assisted on this project by Janos Fodor.


To be presented by Lise on the same day is another experimental
documentation method, a book, which is being prepared to map the
activities of Sparwasser HQ. The book "How To Engage, 19 floor plans
of Sparwasser HQ and 5 Parameters of Measuring a Success" shows an
extract of ideas and strategies practised and collected over the last
years. Based on the earlier projects, it functions as a manual for the


72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007. T: (65) 6737 7213, F:
(65) 6737 7013.