We want to believe

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July 8. - 29. 2000


Dave Allen, Frans Jacobi, Marit Lindberg, Jannike Låker, Jonathan Monk, Lisa Strömbeck, Kari Mjåtveit

Curated by Sparwasser HQ/Lise Nellemann and Thorbjörn Limé


Dave Allen, born in Glasgow, has lived in Berlin since 1995. His works play with the myths and realities surrounding music. The work presented at Sparwasser HQ analyzes a personal experience with classic Rock 'n Roll and modernist music. Similarly, a recent work, seen at "Starship," Berlin, "Interpretation of Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun," involved the re-writing of Debussy's seminal, modernist classic for simple one-handed piano.

Frans Jacobi, a Danish artist, shows "Weekend," from his installation series "Rooms." He succeeds in generating in his works, by simple means, strong feelings of melancholy, loneliness, and abandonment. Frans Jacobi is head of the department of art education at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen.

Marit Lindberg works in Berlin and Malmö, Sweden. She describes her work as follows: "My videos are very often narrative, with a documentary starting-point. Sometimes a portrait of an "ordinary" but very special person, a story which has touched me. Sometimes it is very sad but maybe also with an humoristic point of view." Marit Lindberg will give an "Artist Talk," date to be announced.

Jannike Låker is a Norwegian artist, living in Berlin. She presents two videos: "9,5" and "Spiderwoman." Her Videos are political and sassy. She pushes her camera where its not wanted and asks embarrassing questions. Låker arms herself with and takes careful aim. (William Easton)

Currently based in Berlin, Jonathan Monk has exhibited extensively in Europe and America since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 1991. Monk's artwork is also being shown at gallery Yvon Lambert, Paris and gallery Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin. For the exhibition at Sparwasser HQ, Monk contributes a work specific to Berlin. "One of the qualities of Monk's work lies in the way it displaces the question of what we know towards what we believe or want to know. More an active methodology than a strategy, its principle is based on a precise system in which the artist integrates and reactivates a fragment of the history of modern or contemporary art."(Stéphanie Moisdon Trembley, art press 259)

Kari Mjåtveit was born in Norway; she lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. Her photographic arrangement, "Presence/Absence," depicts constellations under the influence of and in co-operation with an invisible part. Mjåtveit's work can be read as compressed shapes of storytelling.

Lisa Strömbeck lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark and in the remote countryside of Sweden. Her art explores intimacy: relationships with boyfriends, parents, close friends, and pets. Lisa Strömbeck will give an "Artist Talk" on Sunday July 9. at 8 pm.







 Marit Lindberg, video ""1999    
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 Kari Mjåtvet, Photo 1999  
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 Jannicke Låker, video "9,5" 1999  
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 Jannicke Låker, video "Spiderwoman" 1999  
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