Outside our Sparwasser Head Quarter, in Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 9, Berlin Mitte :

Sparwasser HQ organises outside HeadQuarters
FUTURAMA and re-inventing tradition
March 30. - May 9. 2007
n Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Karl Liebknecht Strasse, Berlin Alexanderplatz


in Sparwasser HQ, Torstraße 161, Berlin Mitte

urban interface berlin
an exhibition exploring the interspaces between private and public space
in Berlin-Mitte, Wedding und Gesundbrunnen

April 15 – May 06, 2007

The Project: www.urban-interface.net

uib headquarters at Sparwasser HQ

Participating artists

Curator: Susanne Jaschko

Sparwasser HQ will host the urban interface headquarters throughout the exhibition. It will be the central information point for visitors. Here you will find the programme leaflet and artist portfolios as well as the uib team who will be happy to help and answer all your questions.

Laura Beloff’s mobile sculpture ,The Head’ can be borrowed from the HQ after registration (to register please send an e-mail to info@urban-interface.net). Two iPods containing the soundwalk of Jocelyn Robert’s project ,The Politics of Geometry’ are also available for loan (items for security deposit required). You can view the websites of these two artworks as projections here as well.

In Artist Talks the participating uib artists will present their projects in detail and will answer questions from the audience. Furthermore there will be the panel discussions: ,Challenge of the public space’ (in German), ,Minimal media interventions in public space’ (in German) and the lecture ,What does public mean?’.

Please visit for the complete schedule of all events.

The uib headquarters at Sparwasser HQ, Torstraße 161, will be open from April 15 – May 6, 2007 daily from 4 pm – 7 pm (closed May 1).


The Glowing Whistle Festival 2007
in and by Sparwasser HQ aims to ...utilize the exhibition space as a stage.... - is a festival that looks at different artistic positions working within performance and other 'staged' productions.