//// public sphere and rhetoric // residency programme

Karin Laansoo (Tallinn, Estonia)______project: Exploitation On Demand

March 15th: Mitte, Alexanderplatz //// 7pm
"EU Nationals only" by Johnson&Johnson




Performers are black street musicians-drum players, who will set up their band in a busy u-bahn station. In addition to drums they are using common attribute of street musicians – hat or box of the music instrument to ask money from the passers by.

In front of it is a big sign EU NATIONALS ONLY.


Untitled from Karin Laansoo on Vimeo.


Performer is a middle aged white gentlemen-street musician who is performing in a busy u-bahn station. His instrument is either a flute, a violin or something similar and he is playing well known hits (Seasons by Vivaldi, known hits from operas etc.). In front of his collection box in a visible place is placed a sign EU NATIONALS ONLY.

© JOHNSON and JOHNSON, Tallinn //// Estonia



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