//// public sphere and rhetoric // residency programme

Karin Laansoo (Tallinn, Estonia)______project: Exploitation On Demand

March 11th: Prenzlauer Berg //// 5pm and March 15th: Kreuzberg //// 4pm
"Energy Cirlces" by Jesus Jimenez






Energy trace 621 Calorie Circle after running was produced and performed for the camera in 2007, the inspirations for this piece comes for Coldplay's song the Scientist and walking artists Francis Alÿs and Richard Long. After this first energy trace circle I performed more and resulted in the installation Energy Traces 2009 and Termia.

The proposal I am submitting for your consideration is to create five to ten new circles in Berlin to be performed by volunteers and captured by in video and camera. The circle trace have to be made by running in the circle or walking in a fast pace for at least one hour, and it has to be titled with the amount of calorie burn while running or walking with the help of a pedometer with a calorie counter.

Energy traces circles are philosophical essay about human condition, they reflect civilization incapacity from learning from the past, they are question for future traces, they are questions about the traces we are creating in the present. They are an essay about returning to the Start.

© Jesús Jiménez, Morelia //// MEXICO


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