Old habits Die Hard, 50 videos selected by 50 artist run spaces and collectives

50 Artist led spaces across the world were asked to choose the best art video they could think of, and get hold of. There was no topic or other issue to relate to when selecting the video, except that it was selected by the space or collective.

The video format was Pal and NTSC. The videos are no longer than 30 min. Each space was asked to send a short description of the video for documentation together with a short description of the collective and the activities of the space.

The whole exhibition was organised in just over two month through e mail, www and courier services. Apart from being an international video screening, which focuses on artists curating, Old Habits Die Hard researches and maps artist collectives and networks and the communication between them, raising issues about self-organisation and selfrepresentation. Old Habits Die Hard talks about, how other and alternative economies and values evolve and establish themselves.


The videos were installed in different ways in the different venues. As an example of a venue, Norwich Gallery showed the 50 videos collected and made into 9 DVD programs with following means: one big wall projection and three monitors, presented as a research archive (the audience could navigate through the archive, assisted by a guard).

Norwich Gallery also made a beautiful dispatch as a guide to what is available.