(J. Grenzfurthner/ L. Sauermann)


program angels
Munich, Germany




1988: Retired US-Soldier John R. fights along with his former superior
and side by side with islamic jihadis against a foreign occupying power in
the central-asian desert.

2003: An Anglo-American coalition begins its military action in the gulf.


Program Angels - experiments in media

Since 2000 the program angels have been the inspirational force behind the "lothringer13/laden". the five headed team of artists, theorists and new media specialists consider themselves "business angels" providing friendly support to young, up-and-coming artists with high potential. after opening the "laden" the program angels forged a cross regional platform for contemporary interdisciplinary activities in art & media

The program angels support media art and place emphasis on installations, interaction, experimentation, and teamwork. people from different scenes and varying disciplines come together and participate in some six exhibitions and 30 performances annually. high potentials in art could be encountered at "laden" on their way to the top: woon tien wei, transnationale republik, vreni spieser, reinigungsgesellschaft, issemittebankleer and monochrom, to name a few. the program angels will introduce you to the "erfinderfamilie" ("the inventor family"), learn the art of hula and baroque dance, participate in motivational training or stock exchange karate, apply for a transnational republic passport, or, allow yourself to be locked up for a week, kidnapped by a bus driver and find a burning satellite dropped in the woods, or pay a visit to the self-help group, "schner scheitern" ("fail more beautifully").

Maintaining an international and local community while keeping a sense of Munich's humor is part of the program: the first of every month the progam angels present "jetztredi" (translated from local Bavarian dialect "now i speak"), which is a platform for open discussions and art projects from both near and far. among others, past guests include: reinhold grether, nancy adajania, konrad becker, harm lux, shu lea chang, florian schneider, maria lind, r¸diger suchsland, and elisabeth bronfen. in addition to the many exhibitions, there are also events, workshops, excursions and unexpected encounters.

lothringerstr. 13, d-81667 m¸nchen
tel: +49 89 45 91 19 05, fax: +49 89 24 436 17 23
contact: Angela Dorrer andorrer(at)