Georges Cazenove

Whitout Title / 2003 / 26'50"

Le Forum Itinérant
Strasbourg, France


Whitout Title

Because words have no sens any more, only usages, Georges Cazenove has decided to distribute only white tracts without any message, to stick up only white posters, and to installe in differents european cities — in a in a global public space which is more and more putted into private hands, polluted by more and more logos and slogans, branding and merchandizing operators — an installation made of white deckchairs, white parasols, white duckboard, a newspapers display shelf and a postcards display shelf... The installation is called "The White Beach / La plage blanche".

In the video "Whitout title", we can see the artist preaparing his installation and performing his action in the public space.

"The White Beach / La plage blanche" was presented in Strasbourg, Annemasse, Marseille (France), Geneva (Switzerland), Thessaloniky (Greece) and Varna (Bulgaria).


Le Forum Itinérant

Association of art diggers based in Strasbourg (France) since 1999, supported among others by the Ministry of culture, the Regional Direction of culture Alsace and the City of Strasbourg, the forum itinérant is aiming to associate artists and other art diggers in order to develop the visibility, the legibility and the intelligibility of contemporary art practices in and out the network of artistic places. To realize his purpose, the forum itinérant conceive and develop artistic activities (art in the public space, video art, electronic art, performances…), curatorial activities (artist run space hors champ, festival Superformances, european curatorial program Prime Time, Art Feeling…), critic activities (Revue Mouvement, Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace…) and editorial activities (conversations, passages, faire passer, sans plomb…).

The artist space hors champ is run by Karine Vonna (artist and independant curator, formed at the School of the Magasin / Centre national d’art contemporain of Grenoble, International Curatorial Training Program) and Georges Cazenove (artist and art critic). Also thanks Claude Le Berre (artist and webmaster), Céline Trouillet (artist), Catherine Gier (artist), Emmanuelle Rombach (architect), Frédéric Luckel (professor), Nathalie Le Berre, Angélique Regnier and Dorota Orent.

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