Ann Elise Pettersen and Anne Berit Nedland

Untitled / 1985 / 6'

The Danger Museum
Oslo, Norway / Tokyo, Japan / Singapore


Mobile skulpturer, Oslo 1

This is a collaborative work by Anne Berit Nedland and Ann-Elise Pettersen, shot during a one-day session around Oslo in 1985. They showed it for the first time at Frognergalleriet in 86, along with extended film material, photographic and sculptural pieces.

Anne Berit Nedland had finished her sculpture studies at the art academy in Oslo a few years earlier, where she met Ann-Elise Pettersen, who worked as an artist model to fund her studies in TV and cinematography. Ann-Elise was developing independent film and performance pieces, while an initial plan with this particular material was to include it in a TV documentary about the work of the artist model.

ÿyvind Renberg from Danger Museum was himself nine years old, helping carrying the smallest of the sculptures. Our choice of this video for Old Habits is based on this personal connection to the work, and our further research for the Peanut Circuit project at the Norwegian Sculptural Biennial 2003, where we showed the film along with interviews with the artists. Transcripts from these are printed in DM Diaries #2 and 3 (in Norwegian only) and can be downloaded from

Artist: Ann Elise Pettersen (Film) and Anne Berit Nedland (Sculptor)
Title: Untitled
Year: 1985
Place: Oslo, Norway
Format: 16mm film


Ann Elise Pettersen (Film)
Anne Berit Nedland (Sculptor)


The Danger Museum
Oslo, Norway / Tokyo, Japan / Singapore

Danger Museum is an artist collective facilitating and exploring the relationship between art institutions, artists and audiences. DM's interest lies in long-term developments of concepts and projects with collaborators that are channeled through exhibitions, publications and the web.

Miho Shimizu and Øyvind Renberg are based in Tokyo and Oslo whilst the third member Tien Wei Woon lives in Singapore.

Recent projects include: Contemplation Room, Overgaden/public spaces in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2002, The Danger Museum, Space@inIVA, London, UK, 2002, Peanut Circuit, Norwegian Sculpture Biennal 2003 in Oslo, Norway, 2003, Ssamziespace 3 months residency, Seoul, South Korea, 2004, Radio Hue, Art Space Hue, Seoul, South Korea, 2004. Current / Upcoming: Thinking Archives. Archiving Thoughts, Sparwasser HQ in Berlin, Germany, 2004. Calculated Risks, book project, edited by Marianne Heier, Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork, Ireland, 2005, LOCALE (3 months residency) at Peacock, Aberdeen, Scotland, 2005.
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