Ingrid Molnar

Last Weekend I Missed You, Hembsby 29 / 2003 / 32"

Berlin, Germany


Last Weekend I Missed You, Hembsby 29

Impressions from Hemsby29 by Ingrid Molnar for friends that could not be there. (A work in progress)

In the mid 1950's, a period of intense racial segregation, a group of young white Southerners were fascinated with African American music and from this interest developed a hybrid blend, a mixture of white rock ní roll, blues and country, which became rockabilly, a word formed by combining rock and hillbilly. It reached mass commercial appeal with stars like Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. It waned in popularity in the United States but had a major revival in the 1980ís in England and Europe, where it is still supported by an avid group of devoted fans.

Hembsby Rock n' Roll Weekenders take place twice a year in May and October in the village of Hembsby 130 miles from London on the East coast of England. The nearby beach and resort town remain time warped in 50ís culture which is a perfect setting for the event. Fans gather to see original American stars perform with an audience coming from all over Europe and as far away as Australia and Japan.

Through chance friendships Hamburg based Austrian filmmaker Ingrid Molnar obtains an intimate look at a vibrant community, unstuck in time that exuberantly expresses itself in music, dance, language, style, body art and cars. Rockabilly allows the security of nostalgia to be a platform for energetic creative expression and Molnar casually invites us to share in this colorful cultural stew.

Last Weekend I Missed You, Hemsby 29 is the first part out of the series LOST IN THE FIFTIES followed by TIKI LUAU IN HAMBURG, 14min, 2004 and SUSA GO, 4min, 2004 and to be continued.


Ingrid Molnar,

Independant filmmaker, lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.
Trained in visual Communication at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg (Acadamie of fine arts),
Diploma in 1989.
Working with photograhy since 1979, founding member of the "Fotogalerie Wien".

Selection of films:
EDV registered,(1983)
tangential, Hamburg/Marseille (FotoFilmEssay, 1984)
SpringBraungebranntEiligDavon (1986)
Mutter aus Passion (a documentary about abortion, 1990)
MAKE A WISH , floating in N.Y.C (FotoFilmEssay, 1991)
VITA&BELLA, meetings with Vita Buivid and Bella Matveeva (60min, 1997)
selfSTORAGE (60min, 2001)



UNWETTER is an international group of artists, curators, theoreticians and activists. Like UNWETTER (German for stormy and turbulent weather) radical global transformations reshuffle conventional knowledge systems and hierarchies, opening new spaces to be explored.
UNWETTER's basic format is the Discursive Picnic that connects different contexts in an ongoing process of reciprocal exchange. The Discursive Picnic is an improvised event, ready to be modified and changed. Time and place are announced for the public to join. It works as a potluck, where everybody is both guest and host at the same time. In the UNWETTER thermo-box, "where ideas are kept cool", theory and practice fall together. We find, collect, exchange, alter, pack up and move on. Our extended format is the Discursive Camping_dwelling on the move. Arriving at a site, we unpack and array within flexible elements, carpets, camping furniture and tents. Our aim is to open up a situation for both spontaneously and thoroughly elaborated contributions, where visitors, guests, we ourselves or the public, become actors, listeners, performers, hosts or audience, in ever changing roles, departing into new directions by tours, associations, diversions, walks etc.


Coming soon:
Ringbahnpicnic, Berlin

Discursive Picnic_INTERVENING THE URBAN VOID, PSWR Amsterdam
Discursive Camping_Dwelling on the move, Liverpool Biennial Independents 04
Discursive Camping_Dwelling on the move Malmö and ROOSEUM (nyarts magazine)
Discursive Picnic_Hamburger Bahnhof 03.05.2004 5:00 pm (Museum of Contemporary Art in Berlin by invitation of Sparwasser HQ)
Old Habits Die Hard, Norwich Gallery, GB; Hamburger Bahnhof; Kunstnernes Hus, Olso, Norway; Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center in Istanbul, Turkey; Motorenhalle, Dresden; Yeans / Rex / Galleri Box Kungshöjd, Goteborg, Sweden

Old Habits Die Hard at Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
WETTER_Sparwasser HQ (TAZ)
To Hike to the East, Hohenschönhausen, Berlin
Commodified_Parasitic Picnic, Volkspark am Weinberg, Berlin
Discursive Picnic_Landschaftspflegehof e. V, Berlin
Discursive Picnic_ Dis-positiv Staatsbank, Berlin (invited by Laura Schleussner, Projektraum Rocketshop Berlin and Dorothea Jendricke, Projektraum bgf_mitte as "ArtArbeiter")
UNWETTER Walk_Berlin

Wiener Secession, Vienna
Real Presence, Museum "25th May" (Museum of National History of Yugoslavia), Belgrade
Discursive Picnic_Malmö Critical Studies, Academy of Fine Arts
Discursive Picnic_Documenta11 06.09.2002 11:00 am

The catalyst for the forming of UNWETTER was the one year long Ideas Lab and Thinking and Doing Documenta, Sarat Maharaj offered as part of his guest professorship tenure at Humboldt University, Berlin, in 2001 and 2002. (ARTFORUM)

Contact: Jole Wilcke, Benno Gammerl, Elena Zanichelli, Philipp Ekardt, Clemens Krauss, Christine Wolfe, Ulrike Solbrig and Dorothee Albrecht