Ola Pehrson

NASDAQ vocal index / 2003 / 22'

United Net-Works
Stockholm, Sweden


NASDAQ vocal index

Human choir, computer, video projection

A vast amount of information in the shape of index graphs is constantly being created at the different stock markets of the world. In the project ”NASDAQ vocal index” the graphs of companies listed on the NASDAQ are transformed into music. Computer software converts these graphs to sheets of music, and the scores are presented online on a computer screen, to be read and sung by a member of the choir. Every company has got its own voice and together the choir reflects the current situation on the market.

The voices are reflecting the nerve of primitive economic instinct, online, at the very moment it is being performed in its purest form.

The piece is now at the Tirana Biennale in Albania


Ola Pehrson,


1992-97 Master of Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm
1994 Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin

selected group exhibitions:

1997 "Projekt III" Galleri Axel Mörner, Stockholm
1997 "Smart show" Stockholm
1998 Dom drusjbe, S:t Petersburg
1998 "Mass" Kulturhuset, Stockholm
1998 "Enter", Stockholm
1999 "Best Before" Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm
1999 "Onufri" Tirana , Albania
2000 "Organising Freedom” Moderna Museet, Stockholm
2000 "WHW" Zagreb, Croatia
2000 "Organising Freedom" Charlottenburg, Copenhagen
2000 "Art Volume", Stockholm
2001 "Stereo", Yamaguchi prefectural museum of art, Japan
2001 "Platform", Kitakyushu, Japan
2001 "WHW" Vienna, Austria
2001 "home project" Yamaguchi, Japan
2001 "electrohype", Copenhagen
2001 gallery B16 Birmingham
2001 container arts festival, Kaoshiung-Taiwan
2002 Olle Olsson Huset, Solna, Sweden
2002 "Money - the last taboo", Biel, Switzerland
2002 "Over the Horizon", Malmö Konsthall, Malmö
2003 "aargghhhhhhhhhhhh", Edsvik art & culture, Stockholm
2003 "Invisible wealth" Färgfabriken, Stockholm
2003 "Se Basco" Tirana Biennale, Albania
2003 "Buro empty" Amsterdam
2003 "IASPIS open studios" IASPIS, Stockholm

selected solo exhibitions:

1995 Galleri Rotor, Gothenburg
1997 Galleri Mejan, Stockholm
1999 Galleri Axel Mörner, Stockholm
2000 "Art Statements", Basel with galleri Axel Mörner
2000 Galleri Axel Mörner, Stockholm
2001 Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
2002 "art in home", Edinburgh
2002 Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm
2003 Galeria Noua, Bucarest


2000 NIFCA residency, Helsinki, Finland
2001 TRANS Akiyoshidai art village, Yamaguchi, Japan
2003 IASPIS studio, Stockholm, Sweden



Ola Pehrson is represented by Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm


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