Marcus Lerviks

Untitled / 1999 / 11'20"

Vasa, Finland



"The question I want to call attention to with these two images is the interaction between the human and the animal nature. The behaviour of the birds is very direct. There is an ongoing struggle in keeping the strongest position. When one has taken over there is at once a new challenger on the scene.
As to the human image I want to point out how one in one's on reality is building defers mechanisms that for an outsider easily seem ridiculous. The rhythm between these two images creates a course of events that symbolically can be regarded as a discussion between two different worlds."



Platform is an artist-run project- and exhibition space for contemporary art in Vaasa, Finland. The inital thought is to bring contemporay art to Vasa, and as the name defines, to give it a platform there. Platform is also an information- and meeting point for different fields within art maintaining archives of exhibitions, projects and publications.

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