Jesper Alvaer

praha- berlin 24/9 2003 / 2003 / 5'

Prague, Czech Republic


praha- berlin 24/9 2003

The video is a recording by inteval camera of a trip by car between Prague and Berlin, 24/9 2003. It is night and the driver rides thru the night.



The other founders of PAS are the student of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts Jir í Skála (currently attending a postgraduate course at Le Pavillon in Palais de Tokyo, Paris) and the curator and theorist Vít Havránek. The group was created as a production cell that would organise and produce, in co-operation with the arts community, events that investigated new models of communication between art and the public. One of its first projects was an installation of display cases in various cities of the Czech Republic (2000). (10) Pas invited twenty contemporary Czech artists and produced the content of the display cases. Another event was the issuing of three series of stick-on labels (2000-2003), which were printed as a supplement of the Czech art magazine Umelec (Artist). At the Fair exhibition, College of Art, London (2002), pas offered a video trip in collaboration with the travel agency Alatour (a tourist trip to Prague, with the itinerary drawn up by the Norwegian artist Jespe Alvaer). It took part in the paspress event in the Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2002). At present, pas is finishing production on the exhibition Czech Made (L. Gillick, S. Heger, O. Musovik, R. Ondák, J. Osmolovskij, M. Sosnowska). Pas is a production group that develops and executes projects on commission.