Francis Lamb

The Fantasist / 2003 / 7'30"

Norwich Gallery
Norwich, UK


The Fantasist

My work focuses on the way that we come to know cinema and its histories through video, a format that is full of deletions and distortions of scale. It uses this poverty of experience as a critical tool to comment on the circumstances around the creation, reception and legitimisation of various histories of film.

After watching a film most of us take away a series of images, cinematic moments that act as a hinge in our memories, sticking in the mind long after the vagaries of plot, character or motivation have been forgotten. I am interested in the capacity these moments have to block comprehension or open up meaning for the viewer.

My pieces use clips from films that are already inscribed in the cultural consciousness, that have a particular status. By re-editing specific scenes, removing dialogue and incidental music, my work suggests that cinematic sense is constructed through the accumulation of detail rather than the sequence of narrative.

The things that interest me lie beyond the action on the screen: the establishing shots of a scene, the set design in the back of a shot, in other words, those linking passages that create atmosphere. Through various processes of revision, my work picks apart the relationships between location, sound and narrative that constitute cinematic genre to arrive at a different set of meanings.


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