Rebecca Milling

Circle / 2002 / 30'

Dundee, Scotland



In Circle, I can be seen continually walking round and round the circumference of a stone circle. Every fifteen seconds for five seconds, the video cutsto black while the sound continues. I have made Circle in this way because I wanted the viewer to imagine the movement continuing whilst unable to see it. Circle is specifically concerned with our time in relation to the thousands of years that the srone circle has stood in one particular place in the landscape of North East Scotland. I have manipulated the medium of video, deliberately allowing the screen to balck, displaying no picture, no movement, no colour, no text, nothing but sound for certain periods of time. " I want to suggest the continuation of time, just carrying on and on and on."

Further info from Rebecca;
During my fellowship at the Scottish Sculptyre workshop, I became fascinated by the concept of 'replacing the invisible'. 'Invisible' states that we cannot see something but this does not necessarily mean that it is not present. To replace the invisible is to make visible something that could be present but that we cannot see. I started using video to record stillness in the landscape over long periods of time, recording in negative colour to achieve a reverse reality which gave a heightened sense of intrigue into our perception of the 'real' and the 'unreal'. What we see and what we do not see. My solo exhibition at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen displayed five video works promarily concerned with this area of inquiry, which developed from research into the stone circles particular to North East Scotland. This exhibition also included documentation from a performance where I instigated nine unidentifiable people to stand on site in the place of stones during which time I walked continuously round the circumference of the circle and a large pinhole camera placed in between two standing srones recorded the performance. The pinhole photograph was immediately developed on site displaying ghosts of stones and the absence of my presence.


Rebecca Milling,

Rebecca Milling is an artist, who lives and works in Dundee, where GENERATOR is based. She has been an active member of our organisation for several years. She is about to complete an MSc in Electronic Imaging at duncan of Jordanstone College of Art here in Dundee.



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