Nikos Giavropoulos

Pieta / 2003 / 6'40"

Athens, Greece



Inspired from the art works of renaissance, the video ěPIETAî describes the tragedy of death.

Virgin Mary in a quite erotic way is trying to keep the dead body of Christ in her arms. Finally she canít stop the body from slipping towards the ground.


Fournos, Center for Digital Culture

Fournos is a center for art and new technologies situated in Athens of Greece that functions as a flexible Model in the research and production space of the Digital Culture of the 21st century. Fournos collaborates with a network of media and cultural centers as well as researchers, technologists, artists, philosophers, representatives of cultural centers and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, aiming to explore new modes of cultural expression and create a platform for a broader public that can play an active role in the upcoming digital culture.

Fournos believes
- in the important role of new technologies in the formation of the ethics and lifestyle of the 21st century
- in the combination of arts rather than in producing and promoting one specific art field
- in the substantial role played by the modern artists, scientists and technologists in forming the upcoming digital culture
- in the collaboration among inter-disciplinary persons / teams / institutions from various countries, with different social and financial backgrounds

Main Activities

Creation and organization of Medi@terra International Art and Technology Festival, which is co-organized with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. The events of medi@terra operate as an axis for the organisation, process and classification of information and data relating to contemporary culture and the new media, as well as for the support of artists, scientists, researchers and organisations working in this area.
Medi@terra can be described as a creative encounter between organisations and individuals from all over the world. It is a long-term project for research and recording in the areas of art and technology and cultural events worldwide. The activities unite the different art forms that are being created and are evolving in accordance with the needs of the era. It is ultimately a project in continuous development, its purpose being a creative criticism which seeks to advance social concepts with a cultural content for a society based on .
Every year it has a different theme. In the year 02 the festival focused on New Platforms and took place in the old east airport which worked as the perfect no-place area to host lectures, artworks and installations, performances, workshops and events that reflected areas that are now being developed and are based in interdisciplinary areas of art, science and technology.. (like the new interactive cinema, the interactive theatre, immersive interactive environments etc) . The aim was to explore, record and present new artistic works that allow audience participation, continuous change and evolution [

Foundation of the Virtual Centre Media Net, a new center for art and digital culture. The project started on the initiative of Fournos with the support of the programme Culture 2000 and is co-organised with 10 European centers from the field of the digital culture. The center will be a new platform for the co-production and the promotion of activities in the virtual and real space, for the development of new artistic projects based on the collaboration of artists and theoreticians, for the information and education of artists and professionals from the new media art field.
By creating this center, our aim is to present a new opinion, a new thesis stated by the collaboration of these centers and to build new ideas on a new common ground.

The center has the following activities:
a permanent collection with projects created by artists especially for the center, temporary exhibitions and alternative artistic activities with the participation of well-known and young artists, collaborative art projects in progress, workshops and seminars, an on line magazine, on line research, a dynamic database for youth resources, news for events and activities in the real and the virtual space, audiovisual and printed material.
The center is co-organised by the centers: Fournos, Center for Digital Culture (Greece), European Media Art Festival (Germany), Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (UK), KIBLA (Slovenia), Student Computer Art Society (Bulgaria) and D.EP.A.S (Greece). The International Center for Contemporary Arts (Romania), V2 (Netherlands), Axis (Netherlands) and Zo (Italy). The infrastructure for the center is being developed and will be supported by the Netmode Lab of the National Technical University of Athens .

Fournos conducts research on new forms of art, entertainment and training and continuously develops a cultural network of artists, centers, researchers, philosophers, technologists, activists. This enables the development of inter-disciplinary teams working on collaborative projects.
Fournos center often undertakes the production of experimental artworks such as interactive installations, virtual reality environments, feature video art works, collaborative net projects, interactive theater platform, multimedia performances etc.
In 2002 Fournos Lab was founded, a spin off company with the aim to establish a flexible workshop-company, focusing on culture and social applications, with the purpose to produce innovative applications that combine artistic creativity and advanced scientific and technological knowledge. In charge of Fournos Lab is Manthos Santorineos, the artistic director of Fournos and lecturer at the school of Fine arts in the course of Multimedia

Fournos continuously supports and promotes the international media art in Greece and the Greek media art abroad . In particular Dodo Santorineos, the director of the center is often invited to undertake the curating and presentation of greek artists abroad.
Being one of the centers participating in Map, the european programme of Pepinieres, Fournos hosts young media artists from Europe that develop their project in our center for a certain period of time .

Fournos has organized a number of workshops, presentations and seminars that aim to bring young people close to art, media, and the new technologies. These have taken place in our center, or in municipalities and communities in and ouside Athens, as an outreach activity.
Also, the directors of the center have been invited several times to participate as lecturers at workshops organized by Centers for Professional Specialization and Career Consulting.
Manthos Santorineos, the Artistic Director of the center, participates as an expert in the field of Art and New Technologies, in International Conferences organized by the Council of Europe. The themes covered involve the new technologies, the cultural institutions, the new professional profiles created and the qualifications required.
Also very often and especially during the festival we invite young people and postgraduate students to come and work with us in Fournos, as part of their placement/ training.

Fournos hosts and often co-produces activities such as performances, concerts of electronic music, theatre plays, dj - vj shows, screenings and open discussions, lectures and round tables on art and new media.
A full list of our activities that is updated regularly can be found in our website

FOURNOS has a permanent collaboration with the following Institutions:
CICV Pierre Schaeffer (France), European Media Art Festival (Germany), Student Computer Art Society (Bulgaria), Communication Front (Bulgaria), MC KIBLA (Slovenia), Intima Virtual Base (Slovenia), International Center for Contemporary Art -Bucharest (Romania), V2_Organisatie (Netherlands), ZO Center for Contemporary Art (Italy), Rote Fabrik (Switzerland), Vooruit Art Center (Belgium), WAAG Society for old and new media (Netherlands), Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (UK), Visionaria (Italy), Canariasmediafest (Spain), Association MAP(France), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), Computer Technology Institute, University of Patras (Greece), Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture (Cyprus)

168 Mavromichali str
11472 Athens
tel: +30 210 64 60748 fax: +30 210 64 70 069

Contact Daphne Dragona
Coordinator for Fournos and Mediaterra Festival Daphne Dragona