Xander Marro

Fine Dishes for Fine Bitches / 2000 / 8' 12"

The Dirt Palace Provience, USA


Fine Dishes for Fine Bitches

Fine Dishes for Fine Bitches - made by Xander Marro. Live Action puppet film. Scarface tries to make a cup of tea, but finds that the sink is so full of dishes that she can not even fit the kettle in the sink. Oh deary my!!!!


The Dirt Palace

The Dirt Palace is a feminist live/work collective art space that was founded in 2000 in an abandoned library building in Provience RI. The 7 members work in a variety of media from lace-making to puppetry. Each member has an individual studio, and there are a number of media-based collective studios including, a print shop with screen printing facilities, an animation stand, a textile room, band rehursal space (6 or the 7 members are drummers), and a performance space where the group collectively puts together shows about twice a month. The space also features a storefront window space that is designed by a different artist every