Vassiliea Stylianidou

do you want to kill me, baby? / 2002 / 7'34"

Berlin, Germany


do you want to kill me baby?

The project ìdo you want to kill me, baby?î is motivated by the increasing insecurity of public space resulting from ever-increasing acts of terrorism.

The project is the design of a fictitious city, in which absolute security shall reign. In response to the escalated fear associated with public space, the multinational concern MTI, Inc. decided to commission a new city that provides its inhabitants with absolute security. It bears the name City. Its aim is to re-determine the laws of urban cohabitation. City consists of two sectors, which exist legally and physically independent of one another. These units are City 1: Knowledge Archive; City 2: Education Division. In this project I introduce the unit City 1.

The Company has the monopoly of decision in the City 1. There is no government in the conventional sense. The inhabitants of the City 1 are not citizens but rather Employees of the Company. Their work life is the life of the office.

Guiding principle of the City 1 is simplicity through technology, reduction of emotions as well as the diversity that is typical of the known, traditional cities. Everything that should exist is determined by the legal code of the company and everything that is not regulated does not exist and can thus also not occur. The principles of the model City 1 are reflected, protected and made possible by its architecture and urban planning.

Through the architecture and urban planning there should be no space for ownership and other feelings that could create conflict. The Employees live and work in modules. These modules are modifications of basic forms. The module types are: Office Module, Sleep Module, Eat Module. Rest Module. Art Module. Sports Module. The modules are small and designed for one person. The Employees do not own the modules and they change their work and living modules when needed. They do not leave behind any personal objects when they leave the modules.


Vassiliea Stylianidou



*1967, Thessaloniki, Greece. Lives and works in Berlin and Athens.

1985 ­ 89
Study of literature and linguistics, University of Jannina, Greece;
1993 ­ 98 Study of fine arts at the University of the Arts, Berlin (UdK ), Prof. Rebecca Horn;
1999 Master's designation from the UdK Berlin, Prof. Rebecca Horn;

AT Kearney video prize;
Meisterschuelerprize of the UdK Berlin;
1999-2001 Goldrausch 11 Artistproject, Berlin;
NaFöG - Postgraduate grant from the University of the Arts Berlin;
2001 DAAD supplementary grant for NYC within the scope of the NaFOEG-postgraduate
2002 Artist-in-Residence Programme in Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Plueschow;
2004 Artist-in-Residence Programme in Kuenstlerhaus Buechsenhausen Innsbruck Austria;
Residency Programme »Schinkel-Progressive« zentralbuero Berlin;

Solo Exhibitions:
2005 perpetuum mobile,
Galerie Françoise Heitsch, Munich;
2003 Playcities Gallery Kappatos, Athens;
2002 Heroes & Co. CAPRI, Berlin;

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CAPRI shows contemporary art. It is a noncommercial artist run initiative and has been founded in August 2001. The project is located in the rather neglected north of Mitte, in a street marked by its intermediate status within the city and within time. Adjoining the broad gap still left by the wall, CAPRIís neighbourhood seems to wait patiently until it will either merge with poor old Wedding or rather be gentrified into an outpost of New Mitte.

CAPRIís conception refers to its ambivalent local context. As in CAPRI the artists have to cope with a space blankly denying the common white cube settings, a space that insists on its presence instead of confining itself to a background existence, each show has to be a uniquely site specific production. In CAPRI, the striking equipment of the former flower-shop has been preserved, to the effect that the frame for the artistsí statements is made up by a compilation of pyramid pedestals reminiscing about their original function, about the display and trade of goods. This challenges the artists to present their work as a negotiation with the architecture of the room and it also implicates the visitor as Çparticipant-observerí within the scenography of the space. Being thus a highly communicative place, CAPRI presents work implying a broad scale of media. The project focuses on artists concerned with the policies and aesthetics of space.

Bettina Carl: ++49(0)30 44 67 66 49, 0175 2332 144
Alena Meier: ++49 (0)30 25 29 12 58, 0173 8736 168
Ina Bierstedt: ++49(0)30 69 56 53 83, 0175 2333 669

Brunnenstraþe 149, 10115 Berlin (tube U 8 Bernauer Str.)
contact: ++49 (0)30 69 56 53 83; 0175 2333 144
contact: ++49 (0)30 44 67 66 49; 0175 2333 669
open: thur, fri, sat 4 ñ 7 p.m. (and by appointment)