Hanna Hasslahti

Solarium / 2002 / 2'06"


Helsinki, Finland



"Solarium" is the first film in a trilogy on athletics and the representation of human body in the contemporary sports world.The aerobics world championship competitors reduce the human body into a mechanical device of competence. The performance aiming to present vitality and power reveals painfully the amount of exercize and discipline needed to execute the choreography.

Director's statement:
Artificial tanning is an important esthetic feature in the aerobics - as important as the painfully smiling faces of the competitors. The unnatural tanning is considered a sign of healthiness, allthough it is the major cause for skin cancer in the Nordic countries.
A solarium is a sort of sun-machine, providing brown skin regardless of the season. Ironically, it is shaped like a coffin as if lying there would speed up the death.

To sum up the title of my film, "Solarium" symbolizes the technological and chemical training of the human body in contemporary sports, and points to the fake methods behind the machine-like performance. In aerobics it is important to perform the movements as mechanical as possible, to show just the competence of human body, without any emotions.

Original film title: Solarium
English film title: Solarium
Running time: 2 min. 6 sec.
Genre: Experimental
Country of origin: Finland
Year: 2002
Original language: No dialogue
Subtitles: -
Shooting format: 8 &16 mm film
Master format: DV
Screening format: DV, Beta SP Pal
Sound specifications: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 3:4

Director, producer, script, editing: Hanna Haaslahti
Camera: Panu Heikkilä
Music: Joonas Pirttilä


Hanna Haaslahti (b.1969) is a multimedia artist with a background in photography and set design. She has graduated from Medialab/University of Art and Design Helsinki with the interactive installation "Falling through the force of gravity". In her work she is interested in combining old media techniques into a new interactive framework.

"Falling through the force of gravity" 2000
"Be always with us" 2002
"Solarium" 2003


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