Sparwasser HQ was able to achieve a permanent membership of ADKV. We now decided to extent our special membership-offer: If you want sign up for a Sparwasser HQ e.V. membership you can enjoy free entrance in all participating german Kunstvereine for only 5€/year. (List of participating "Kunstvereine" (art associations) can be found here.)

For you who would like a valid membership card (expires 01/12/2011) please

1. to register please write an email with your contact details and address (were we wil be sending your membership-card) to mail (at) sparwasserhq.de and

2. please use our bank account or the paypal link below for the membership fee. You can claim the membership fee for your taxes.


young curator- and artist-membership
5 €
, the membership will be valid until 01/12/2011

Single membership
50 € or more

Membership with reduction
from 25 €

Donations are also very welcome!




Sparwasser HQ e.V.| BLZ 120 80 000 | Konto 4116268800
SUBJECT: Membership + your name

IBAN DE96120800004116268800 | SWIFT DRESDEFF120
Dresdner Bank

or use the paypal function.



As a member you will get (additional to the free entrance) invitations for all upcoming Sparwasser HQ exhibitions and events via email and more.

Just to let you know

We plan for our new location: Fischzug 5B in Alt-Stralau, where we will be with our office and different projects and visits from 2011.

Sparwasser HQ is registred as a "gemeinnütziger Verein" and you don´t have to pay tax of your 5 euro membership fee. Our budget is public and will be presented by request, as well as the articles of the association. We will send a receipt for the membership fee if you ask for it. Membership-cards are delivered after receiving the money.