September 7. - October 3.

Curating Degree Zero Archive

An Archive, Touring Exhibition and Web-Resource exploring the field of Critical Curating

in Torstrasse 161, 10115 Berlin,
Open hours: Wed-Fri 4-7pm, Sat 2-6pm
or by appointment: text (or call) 0179 6705859


Public evening events
- every second day at 8 pm, starting 9. september - last event day the 27. september (uneven dates)

Documentation of evening talks/ recommendations in the archive is now online


Concept: Dorothee Richter and Barnaby Drabble

Re-interpreted by Lise Nellemann
and the Sparwasser HQ team
(hosts/ libriarians/ referants Joel Mo and Pernille Böttker,
interieur Franz Hoefner)

The Archive is part of the ongoing project Curating Degree Zero, co-founded by curators Dorothee Richter and Barnaby Drabble in 1998 and set out to present and discuss curatorial ideas and experiments.

Curating Degree Zero Archive is a touring exhibition, which presents critical positions in the field of curating. It contains material (catalogues, articles, videos, CD's, images and web sites) in relation to the practice of over 80 curators, artist-curators, new media curators and curatorial collaborations. Since 2003 it has toured to 9 different European cities and will be in Berlin in September 2005.

The Archive expands as it tours, docking onto the networks of hosting venues and adapting to those areas of critical practice particular to each new context. In such a way the choice deliberately avoids being seen as a survey driven by the tastes of the organisers. Instead the development of the list of participating curators is based on the logic of networks, friendships and circles of shared interest and discussion.

Likewise the concept of 'critical' curating is not a unified one. It is subject to historical change, just as the discursive formation of the visual arts is subject to constant transformation.

The web-site is an interface both for exhibition visitors and people accessing the project via the Internet. For those in the exhibition itself it acts as an indexing tool for defining which materials are of interest and where these materials can be found, it also extends the real space into the virtual, linking to the web sites of the participating curators.

In Sparwasser HQ the archive will be accessible as a normal library, alphabetic and logical, and offer areas for reading publications as well as digital documentations.
Over 10 evening public events the use of the archive will be performed. on each of the evening events two curators/ artist-curators /artists will present their favorite curated projects from the archive.

The talks will take place between September 9. - 27. September. No events during the Art Forum Berlin (September-28. - October 3.) but the archive will be open every day 4-7 and also by appointment:
telephone 0179-6705859.