The Student ID cards are one of the free products offered by Mejor Vida Corp. (MVC). to all people interested to have it as an identification card or to use it to get discounts all over the world.




Mejor Vida Corp.


"The Mejor Vida Corp.* project was launched in 1998. It began life as a series of public interventions, nourished by a blend of provocation and hope that reacted to the context of Mexico City. Among the items freely handed out were subway tickets, barcodes to reduce the price of foodstuffs in the supermarket, letters of recommendation and student identification cards. While these interventions were not planned as an experiment, they evolved into one: a social and political experiment conducted in the arena of everyday life.. "

"The most conspicuous aspect of the project is the fact that its products are distributed for free, and that are also despatched to anywhere in the world without charge. This practice of presenting gifts without any philanthropic intention signifies standing up to the notions of commodification and profit, for MVC does not conceive of itself as a charity, dispensing help or solutions to everyday problems; rather it analyses specific problematics in diverse social and economic contexts within the capitalist system, frequently doing this by homing in on its bureaucratic and institutional monsters. MVC aims to activate the practice of gifting as the initial condition for the articulation of exchange ­ a human exchange, that is social rather than commercial.."

* Better Life Co.

Extract from: "For a human interface". 2003. Minerva Cuevas