video stills

 Emma Hedditch: 'I do know what I am going to do today'

1hr vhs video playing on a tv, which the person watching can turn on and off + poster.

Video workshop for Ladyfest London August 1st 4th 2002

'I've got the feeling'

Someone, somewhere is having thoughts and feelings like us, or maybe just making a similar action or gesture. All of this mutual and platonic activity could result in change, a fight, communication or solidarity. The important thing is that each person retains their uniqueness, and that is why they want to convey the way they experience and 'do' something to another person, even if on the surface the gesture or thought might be the same.

During July 2002 we will begin to build a video together, based on footage that you make in response to the assignments below, you can make as many as you want


a screening october the 10. at 9 pm in Z-bar :

video chainletter project 'and i will do' that I run and Miranda July's project 'Joanie 4 Jackie' in the US. We are working on these two together. They are video tapes that women submit work to and each one gets on a tape with 9 other women's work and this is circulated in the group. link to the homepage

for more information contact Emma Hedditch:














This video tape is called 'I do know what I am going to do today'. It contains footage made by voluntary participants in response to a list of shots I have made. I have a personal interest in other people but often they are not making video, so I facilitate the production of these videos in order to archive them. Below is the list of shots as it stands to date. These shots are edited, and in some cases a new voiceover or soundtrack is applied by me. I am more than happy to make tapes for other people if they would like one. Emma Hedditch

A person washing their hair and asking for help.
Close ups of oranges.
A person reading the last letter somebody sent to them.
Pets in your neighborhood.
A person's Sister or Brother describing them when they were small.
A person's friend trying to describe what they know about them.
Children jumping off furniture onto cushions on the floor.
Somebody fixing something.
Close ups of really nice fabrics.
A person describing what's on at the cinema.
A person describing somebody they like and why.
An older Woman you know that is politically active talking about how she first realised she had the power to 'do'.
A person in a bar looking at everybody and trying to decide which person makes them feel most uncomfortable.
A person helping another person to carry something.
A young girl and an Older woman having a conversation.
A person making a puzzle or model from scratch.
A person that works in a radical bookstore, talking about how the store is and it's history.
Two women doing something together, it could be fixing something, sport or eating or looking after a child.
Close ups of paths that lead through lawns to front doors.
People arriving for work.
People leaving work.
A man trying to explain to another man why his behaviour can sometime be perceived as abusive.
A woman that has just come out of the cinema describing what the film was about.
A meeting of a women's collective, not necessarily arts related.
One or several persons who are reacreating a known feminst/political action.
A girl putting up posters in her bedroom.
A place in the city where people like to meet, video the whole scene, and zoom in on particular interactions.
Somebody showing somebody else how to do something.
A group of people or single person trying to promote a particular event, issue or service.
A person that you think is different from you, describing what they think is different about you. (really try hard to go beyond your usual circle of friends and family)
A Woman you know in her Job, and the same woman in her home.
Close ups of book covers of books that have influenced your thinking and actions.
A political demonstration.
Somebody you know trying to deal with government beaurocracy, that has failed them, and feeling strong about it.
Somebody explaining how to make life easier by doing a particular thing, ie yoga, eating vegetables or using a better pen, and then you doing that thing.
A person at sunset holding their hand up to the light.
A person describing a person from their town that they don't know but see around a lot.
A person trying to fix something alone but it is really a job that requires two people.
A person talking to a member of their family, on the telephone or in person.
Any part of a film where a woman is giving a kind of monologue speech.
A part of the local news that you relate to or has some direct impact on your life.
A group of people eating a meal together around a table, with close ups of each person and of the food.
A person building something, it could be a large construction, or a tiny object, try to get some close ups of the hands and their face, and parts where they are resting, and parts where they are working very hard.
A person getting dressed, without them acknowledging the camera and without attention to their body, making individual shots of the items before they are put on, perhaps lay things out on a surface in advance.
A person getting undressed, following where the clothes finally end up, but without attention to their naked body.
A woman having her hair cut in a salon.
A young boy having his hair cut in a barbers.
A young person, perhaps a teenager playing a musical instrument, record the whole song or piece of music.
A series of shots of people in their cars, either in a traffic queue or parked.