___public sphere and rhetoric / offentlighed og retorik

Sparwasser HQ, Schwedterstrasse 36a // 10435 Berlin / GERMANY

Deadline: december 15th, 2009.

OPEN CALL and residency programme "netres" @ Sparwasser HQ

Our aim is to research internationally and to invite two Nordic/Baltic artists to Berlin.

Visual artists and other arts related producers who use the public sphere, better described with Scandinavian 'offentligheden' or german die 'Öffentlichkeit' can apply. We are also interested to know how you would consider the use of rhetoric practically and critically.

We are not expecting descriptions of sculptures for an open square but rather works reflecting situations, performance of life itself. The works do not necessarily grow out of a local context but rather a set context.

We are looking for artworks which deal with strategies for the public realm/'offentligheden', and artworks, which create a public attention/'en offentlighed'. Or, how the process of campaigning is directed into something else?

Questions among many could be: What is the constellation of the public sphere/ 'offentligheden' and time? Interconnected pasts and presents, of people, places, and events comprise histories. The public sphere/ 'offentligheden' is there to navigate and possibly reclaim. Is the public sphere/ 'offentligheden' singular? What public rights, what common spaces do we have?

For this reason you are invited to send in applications.

We need to launch two calls in one:

- One international call for texts only, 10 small grants will be given away, which might suggest future collaboration.

- and one call for traveling. Two Nordic/Baltic applicants can be invited to Berlin within the residency program.


Please send to: mail(at)netres.org



Open call in general
The open call for us is a way to get in touch. If our text triggers your mind, if you have a project circling around a similar interest or you want to work within this field, discuss or just to get in contact with us (within the frame of the topic) apply.
All applications will be read, discussed and will influence the parameters for the evaluation of the jury. They also may get a chance to be published (if you wish): We will choose 10 applications, which we will further ask the applicant to elaborate on into more substantial contributions. We can offer two residences to spend 1-2 months in Berlin. Read more below in "proceeding".

Who can apply for open call?
For the open call we welcome and encourage proposals from all interested individuals. Previous experience within curating/ writing/ art production/ other disciplines is in no way required, and will not factor this into the selection process. We prefer open mindedness in the handling of formats and we prefer interdisciplinary approaches. The visual arts is your ground of departure. All applications are welcome and can contribute to this interesting framework.

Who can apply for the residency?
All interested individuals, artists, curators, art theorists and other cultural producers living in the Nordic or the Baltic countries can receive the residency grant. The resident must be over 30 years of age and have not lived in Berlin before.
It is not recommended that the resident uses the stay for self-promotion but rather as an opportunity for research, based on his/her own practice. We want our residents to inform their work rather than promote it. So we are trying to provide a more academic and introspective alternative in contrast to the promotional emphasis and 'careerism' that currently existsts.

The residency includes
We provide resident with airfare, apartment with internet access, a mobile phone, a bike, and an list of interesting contacts for the resident to meet. We will provide administrative support and assistance if requested and/or required.

We require a written proposal dealing directly with the topic. Please limit submissions to a single page proposal (800 words) describing the project. (Longer proposals will not be considered.) Please do not submit loose images, catalogs or other support materials, they will not be reviewed. But include your proposal, CV, address, phone number and e-mail to one pdf-document (max.3 pages) please e-mail submissions to mail (at) netres.org with "netres__application" in the subject line.

Dates and Deadlines
Proposals will be accepted from November 10th-December 15th. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when we accepted your proposal. If you do not receive an e-mail from us within 3 days of submitting your proposal, please contact us. The residences are scheduled to take place in the following year, preferably January-March 2010. We will notify you of the final results in January 2010.

Language: English

Dimension of project
Sparwasser HQ has no fixed exhibition space. The emphasis of your proposal should be on the idea behind your project and artists/ organizers/ curators are encouraged to work within the limitations as part of the creative challenge, however, conditioned by the dimensions of the idea additional new applications can be sent. Funds may be obtained by the resident in collaboration with Sparwasser HQ.

Project costs
We will provide 100€ honorarium for 10 open call applications, and we will ask for more information on the project first.
If your proposal is realizable (it does not have to be) and if Sparwasser HQ agrees to do so, we will co-apply in partnership in order to realize the project.

1st step: open call, sent out internationally
2nd step: applications are received
Netres officer will upload all valid applications on blog. The blog can only be viewed by the international jury members.
3rd step: international jury
members read discuss and select applications
4th step: 10 prizes.
10 applicants are asked to (re)write the application text and they are asked to give a permission to publish their text online. For this they will receive a fee of 100€.
5th step: nomination
Different people, artists as well as curators, are asked to recommend or nominate people who will be asked to apply. These nominations will be published. The nominator will write a short statement of grounds for the nomination.
6th Step: Residency in Berlin
2 artists/ curators/ other cultural producers are invited to spend 1-2 months in Berlin
7th Step: 2010 residency open call sent out internationally
8th Step: Conference in collaboration with members of the jury.


Application form: You can use this just as an example and start your own document but be sure to insert all the required information and put it in the same order as it is here.



Please feel free to contact us (mail (at) netres.org) prior to submission if you have any questions.