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Presentation and screening at Sparwasser HQ
Barbara Borãiç: Videodokument. Video Art in Slovenia 1969-1998
TevÏ Logar: Thematic video program Eyedentify Yourself .
The program produced by SCCA-Ljubljana


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Videodokument : Video Art in Slovenia 1969 - 1998
Edited by Barbara Borãiç

This documentation, archival and research project on video art in
Slovenia has been developed within the scope of the SCCA-Ljubljana
Documentation Program between 1994 and 2003. It presents a
comprehensive overview of thirty years of video art in Slovenia.


CATALOGUE, documentation on artists and their video works presenting
21 artists, more than 400 video works in text and picture; chronology
of events, commentaries and list of video works with final index of
Presented artists: Vuk åosiç, Nu"a & Sreão Dragan, Nu"a Dragan, Sreão
Dragan, Jasna Hribernik, Marko Ko"nik, Marko A. Kovaãiã, Ema Kugler,
Andrej Lupinc alias Keller, Marijan Osole-Max, Marko Peljhan, Sa"o
Podgor"ek, Nata"a Prosenc, Rok Sieberer-Kuri, Mirko Simiç, Apolonija
·u"ter"iã, Peter Vezjak-Retrovizija, Miha Vipotnik, Andrej Zdraviã,
ZANK-Zemira Alajbegoviç in Neven Korda.

ESSAYS, a book of essays on the history and usage of video technology
and in relation to other art and culture practices

CD-ROM, an interactive presentation on the electronic support with the
contents from the catalogue and the book of essays presented in a more
representational form: reduced data files, more visual material,
cross-references, AVI movies.

WEB SITE (, an interactive presentation of the
project with some representative parts of the contents on the Internet
that includes the material from the Documentation catalogue,
introduces the texts from the Book of Essays and launches the
with the intention of showing the density of video works by individual
artists in specific years and periods.

STUDY ARCHIVE, video works by Slovene artists on Beta SP, DVD, mini
DV, U-matic, VHS format.



Eyedentify Yourself
Thematic Video program curated by TevÏ Logar


Eyedentify Yourself has been produced in frame of VIDEOSPOTTING, the
SCCA-Ljubljana selected programs of video works by artists from
Slovenia that has been continuing a systematic research of video
production started with Videodokument.

Eydentify Yourself presents the selected video production of last
three years. It is focused on a young generation of Slovenian artists
and their personal attitude towards the theme of identity. In everyday
life we are confronted with different identities. Moreover, our
identity is submitted to unceasing changes, modifications,
transformations, our personal identity deals with questions about
ourselves, our problems, persistence question, identity through time.
But the spectrum of the word identity is much wider and relates to
more than just a personal identity. There are social, political,
philosophical, artistic identities. Consequently, there exist a lot of
different views on identity which is also perceived through the
thematic video program Eydentify Yourself. Presented artists are: Nika
Autor, Nata"a Berk, Vesna Bukovec, Lada Cerar, TomaÏ Furlan, Robertina
·ebjaniã, TomaÏ TomaÏin and Metka Zupaniã.




The program has been produced by SCCA-Ljubljana, a non-governmental
and non-profit organisation based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
SCCA-Ljubljana is a member of: ICAN (International Contemporary Art
Network), Amsterdam; EFAH (European Forum for Arts and Heritage),
Brussels; IKT (International Association of Curators of Contemporary
Art), Luxemburg; Anna Lindh Foundation, Alexandria; Asociacija
(Association of Independent Artists and Organisations in the Field of
Culture in Slovenia), Ljubljana.
Our objective is to produce, stimulate and mediate innovative artistic
and interpretative practices and to encourage international links
between them. We provide the participants and users of contemporary
art with knowledge, tools and skills necessary for emancipated and
reflected operation within the art system.
SCCA-Ljubljana forms important segments of support system for
contemporary arts & culture and civic society. Its activities are
divided into the following three scopes: projects, school and service.


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