//// Sparwasser HQ presents

Kim Collmer and David Krantz

______three trips to a new space

video and music at Z-Bar
Thursday 21st of November 2002 at 9. p.m.

Videos by Kim Collmer and David Krantz
Music by Matti Kallioinen [Abnormal Audio]

Sparwasser HQ invites you to take a trip through new spaces: In his 3D animation entitled "What" the artist David Krantz whirls the viewer through the natural and philosophical history of mankind. The 3D effect and the symbolic characters presented make the signs and images of the video expand out into actual space, becoming very present. At the same time this very presence hightens the level of abstraction. Through the never ending story of human "Truths" passing before our eyes, the viewer is left with a certain feeling of insecurity. Pleasantly disturbing, "What" is a piece that, in a very humorous way, stresses our sense of "natural development".

Kim Collmer's video animation "Mercury Moon" evolves around a similar effect, though built up in the classical "cut and move" technique out of very simple materials, Collmer creates a not definable moon landscape. She plays with the perception of materials and proportions, distorting the fragile animation world through the use of electric blue lights.

Kim Collmer describes the piece as follows: Mercury Moon investigates the tension between regimented order and organic growth. Using certain tropes of science fiction such as a space station, alien landscapes, and a futuristic city, Mercury Moon presents the viewer with a place of magic and imagination. In this world, glittering plants can grow from lunar energy and cities can be reconstructed from ice formations.

Mercury Moon is a simulated reality that attempts to call its construct into our awareness. But through its realization it demonstrates its own internal logic - from growth to destruction, order to unrest. In a sense, this constructed reality is as real as any other, reflecting the attempt to visualize and control our own spaces. (Kim Collmer will be present at the screening)

Last but not least:
To all of you who missed the release concert by Matti Kallioinen at Z-Bar on the 31st of October: here is your second chance to get to know the music of Matti Kallioinen and Abnormal Audio. Starting the evening at Z-Bar with the playing (and selling) of his CD "Koncentrerad Saft" (concentrated juice). The music from his first CD shifts playfully between electronic smurf country and more obscure Nordic fairy tale like sounds.
Do not miss it this time!