Njalsgade 19D, Opgang

2002 I-N-K galleri, Le Soleil de Minuit, Nørregade, Cph, Dk.
2001 I-N-K galleri, Appetizer, Nørregade, Cph, Dk.
2001 Shoot, video/film program, Mami Wata, Vinslevs konstforening, Vinslev,Sweden.
2001 Video Manifesta, Appetizer, Kunstforeningen Gammelstrand, København.
2001 Crossing Between cultures, Mami Wata & Appetizer, The Taitu International
Art Center, Etegue Hotel, Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia.
2001 Shoot, video/film program, Mami Wata Tomarps kungsaard, outdoor screening
2001 Take off 20:01, Housing Spirit, ogTwo weeks ago curator Andres Kold Århus
Artmuseum, Dk.

2000 Duchamps Suitcase, Appetizer, curator Jacob Fabricius, Arnolfini, Bristol, Eng.
2000 Yours Truly, Mr. Phantom, catalog Jacob Fabricius, Cph.
2000 Park, Momentum Bianual, Housing Spirits, curator Jacob Fabricius. Moss, N.
2000 Stand Art, Performance Festival, Mami Wata, Gotenborg, S.
2000 Crossing Boundaries, Appetizer, International documentary .filmfestival, The Film institute, DK.
2000 Shoot video/Film Festival, Selected Works, Mami Wata, Kyikarmyndir, Living Art Museum, I.
2000 Exit Graduate show, Mami Wata, Kunstforeningen Gammelstrand, Cph.
2000 Shoot video/film program, Mami Wata, Malmø Kunsthal, Malmø, S.

1999 Blick video show, Appetizer, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, S.
1999 Private Parts, Appetizer, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Cph.
1999 Street Sharks biennale, Palace Hotel Cocoon performance and video, curator
Kørners kontor, Cph.

1998 FRØ Video program, Appetizer, Galleri Frø curator Frederikke Hansen, Berlin.
1998 Moviebox video program, Appetizer, Galleri North, Cph.

Art Reviews and Publications:
2000 Mr. Phantom with Michelle Eistrup, Jacob Fabricius Publication,
2000 Foghtdals Art Encyclopedia.
1999 Flash Art, October issue.

2001 6/3 Randers Kunstavis Flyv med de unge about the exhibition Take OFF20:01 Århus Contemp. Art Museum, Dk
2001 Saturday 27/5 Dagens nyheter Konsten drar till stadsparken about the exhibition Park, Momentum, Moss N.
2000 Saturday 27/5 Politikken Nordisk success about the exhibition Park Momentum Biannual, Moss Norway.
2000 Monday 13/3 Ekstra Bladet Hvem ka' ­ De unge ka' about the Graduate show Exit, Galleri Gammelstrand Cph.
2000 Saturday 11/3 Politikken, 2 section Exit til fremtiden, about the Graduate show Exit, Galleri Gammelstrand Cph.
2000 Thursday 23/3 Berling.tid.2 section Tradition for det ny, about the Graduate showExit, Galleri Gammelstrand Cph.
1999 Sunday 16/5 Berling.tid. Halløj på Palace Hotel , about the exhibition Cocoon, Palace Hotel, Street Sharks Cph.
1999 Friday 14/5 Berling.tid. Gadehajer 4. sektion, about the exhibition Cocoon, Palace Hotel, Street Sharks Cph.
1998 24 Feb. Information Kvindekunsten vender tilbage, about the exhibition Boomerang Nikolaj Exhibition space. Cph.

2001 DCCD/ Danish Center for Culture and Development to Housing Spirits for the video Le Soleil de Minuit.
2001 Kulturministeriets Udviklings Fond to Housing Spirits for production of the video
Le Soleil de Minuit,Benin.
2000 Danish Center for Contemporary Art to HS for research/production of Le Soleil de Minuit,
in Benin.
2000 Ragnvald og Ida Blix Fonden to HS for Mami Wata shown at the graduate show EXIT, GL. Strand Cph.
1998 Akademi rådets fond for tilskud til unge kunstneres udstillings virksomhed to HS for the exhibition
Cocoon, Palace hotel performance and video, during The Street sharks biannual.


HOUSING SPIRITS, a research/video collaboration by Michelle Eistrup and Marika Seidler in Denmark and Benin.

2002 Exhibiting the video installation Le Soleil de Minuit in Denmark, and ORTB, National Television of Benin.

2001 Production and postproduction of Le Soleil de Minuit in Denmark.
The project is supported by Den Kulturelle Udviklingsfond and DCCD/ Danish Center for Culture and Development.

2000 Two months research and production of the videofilm Le Soleil de Minuit (Midnight sun).
Idea and production Eistrup and Seidler. Research in collaboration with Arine Kirstein PhD stud. at Roskilde University Center, historian Martine de Souza from the museum in Ouidah and artist, Lambert Abadagan from Benin. Audition; collecting stories in collaboration with Lambert Abadagan and video photographer Torben Johansen. The project was supported by Danish Center for Contemporary Art and Ragnvald & Ida Blix foundation.

1998 Research, documentation and video production of the Vodoo religion in Benin;
interviews with Vodoo chiefs in collaboration with artist Lambert Abadagan, translator Darius Agbo, video photographer Georgette Odjo and A. Hounkpe. Idea and production of Appetizer. Research for Mami Wata and recordings for Cocoon, 8 short stories. The project was partly supported by Danish Center for Contemporary Art.

1998 Housing Spirits was founded.




Curriculum Vitae
MARIKA SEIDLER Born Feb 1972. Leifsgade 27, 3t.h. 2300 KBH S
#45 32571657
2001 Narration in West African film by Eva Jørholt African Studies Dep. University, Cph, DK.
94-01 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, media school.

Selected exhibitions
2002 Forårsudstillingen, The Forest, Charlottenborg,Cph. DK.
2002 Germinations 13, Religion, With my brothers eyes curator Katerina Pazoutova,
La Chapelle Paris, F.
2001 Get that balance, LAB and friends, curator Kit Jensen, 3K Kampnagel Hamburg, G.
2001 AGITPOP, Memmory, curator Nam Nam beauty/ Simon Grimm og Jesper Just, Dk.

2000 Her er værket, Documentary of What kind of fear is that ! curator Otto, Rhizom, Arhus.
2000 Artgenda, Vacant spaces, What kind of fear is that?, curator Elisabeth Delin Hansen
Artgenda Hel,Fin.
2000 Exit Graduate show, Recall Yellow version, Kunstforeningen Gammelstrand, Cph.

1999 Lab. Because you deserve it. ­a brieflet project, Overgaden, Cph.
1999 Lydt i Rundetårn, Snakes and ladders, curator The Danish writers union, DK.
1999 19991, drawings, Albertslund Rådhus, Albertslund, DK.

1998 Groupexhibition, He-Woman, Gallery Frø kurator Frederikke Hansen, Berlin.
1998 Lab. presents presenting Lab. A fictive catalog, Pineapple Galleri, Malmø, S.
1998 Kørners Kontor, Blue fairy tale, curator Kørners Kontor Pederskramsg. 1, Cph.
1998 B and B presents, with an envelope in my pocket, in Gallerie les Archives, Paris, F.
1998 Nuit Blanche, intermissions by Lab. in videoprogram, Musé de l'art Moderne de la ville de
Paris, F.
1998 Boomerang, He-Woman, Nikolaj Exhibitionspace, Cph.

1997 Kælder, drawings, Oehlenschlægersg. curator "OTTO", Cph.
1997 Insomnia, He-Woman with Women at bars for the annual cultural night curator Kvinfo,
1997 Sheeps without meadows, Details, arr. Michael Krebber The Art Academy's Exhibition space, Cph.
1997 Kvinder på værtshus, with Women at bars curators Dragstett/Elmgren
"The Moose is loose", Cph.

1996 Voice/Over- logbog for blind passagerer, Snakes and Ladders, Tusk Gallery,
Rådhuspl. Cph.
1996 This really nice, with Aircondition and a Lothar Hempel workshop, Planetarium/Viktoriag,Dk.
1996 The Party, Korridor with Kristina Prip, a Dominique Gonzarles Förester workshop PederSkramg Dk.
1996 On location III. Exchangement in Berlin, Bookproject Berlin by Frans Jacobi and Hans Hemmert Berlin, G.
1995 He-Woman, He-Woman, (solo), Galleri Campbells Occasionally, Cph.
1995 2 dimensional Theory, Yellow dream, Nikolaj Exhibition Space, Cph.
1995 On location II /Billund 95, Don't come to me I will come to you, Billund Skulpturpark, Dk.
1995 Hotel Inter, Cocoon performance, Hotel Inter, Istanbul, Turkey
1994 On location I, Orange, by Frans Jacobi and Axel Lieber, Bredgade, Cph.

2000 Artland, drawings in international vol. 6
1997 Space Poetry, drawings for issue nr. 29.
1996 Artland, drawings for the summer issue, Cph.
1996 Artland, drawings for the spring issues, Cph.

Art Reviews and Publications:
2001 NIFCA info nr. 2 artikel Elsewhere by Søren Martinsen.
2000 Foghtdals Art Encyclopedia.
1998 Inserts ­ 67 female artists in Denmark, www.artnode.dk.
1997 Øjeblikket nr.32/33 summer, "Meanwhile, Next door" by Søren Martinsen.



1998 24 Feb. Information Kvindekunsten vender tilbage, about the exhibition Boomerang Nikolaj Exhibition space. Cph.

SOLD TO The Contemporary Art Museum in North of Jutland.

1997 Carlsberg's Idea legat to LAB for the project Lab. presents, presenting Lab. a katolog of
fictive art projects.

1998 LAB; Katya Sander, Maria finn, Annika Lundgren, Lisa Strømbeck, Andrea Creutz and
1997 Kvinder på værtshus, action group for female artists rights;Kristina Prip, Kirstine Roepsdorf, Katya Sander, Lisa Strömbeck, Andrea Creutz, Aasa Sonjasdotter and myself. (I am no longer a member).

2000 Fiction/manuscript writing with manuscript writer Lene Nørregaard Mikkelsen.
2000 Borders, short film production with Sharon Lockhart (L.A.) a collaboration with Malmö
Art Academy.
98-96 Aircondition project coordinator with seven other students for workshops and seminars
during a two year program with foreign guest teachers at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Cph.
1995 Internet project
1997 Inserts ­ 67 female artists in Denmark, www.artnode.dk. made by art historian
Sanne Kofod, artists Susan Hinnum and artist Marlene Langren. Andrea Creutz and I
collaborated on a section about students from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in

Proficient in Languages Danish, English and French.