Ming Wong (Singapore/ London)

Ming Wong lives and works in London

"Ham&cheesomelet" 2002 (the exhibited work will be a DVD looped (video with sound) on a small-sized LCD-screen)

"Ham&cheesomelet" is a scrambled Shakespeare sonnet, in which the artist adopts a paper-thin Shakespearean disguise, and hams it up with the cheesiest of all Shakespearean lines: the big existential question as uttered by the Danish prince Hamlet, "To be... or not to be... etc"

The tragedy is that this actor never gets his lines right. He mangles the lines, his paper moustache threatens to fall off, he destroys the sacred icon of English language theatre, but in the process, out of the ashes, new patterns of meaning begin to emerge. It gives way to a new scrambled sonnet of sorts, which articulates his inarticulateness in grappling with questions of existence and identity.