Trafo, Budapest presentiert:


Sparwasser HQ c/o Trafo Galeria
getting to know the 'budapest scene'

March 3. - March 19.

in Trafo Galeria, Budapest, Ungarn
curated by Lise Nellemann/Heman Chong

The project in Trafo will accordingly focus on how different positions (artists, curators, art critics and other cultural producers) function as actors and mediators within local art scenes. This project is challenging the stereotype separation of global and local networks and interprets actual activities on street level.The Little Warsaw are invited into the exhibition with the project "Only Artists". Initiated by Sparwasser a small publication "in action!", which is a call for an equal exchange of ideas among curators and artists in Budapest, will be shown. Sparwasser HQ will also present an already existing project "Old Habits Die Hard, 50 videos selected by 50 artist run spaces and collectives".

March 6. at 12.30
Lise Nellemann will talk about Sparwasser HQ (Berlin)
in Intermedia Department (also open for the general public)
H-1063 Budapest, Kmety Gy. utca 27.

March 7. at 7 pm
"Only Artists", Little Warsaw presents András Gálik, Bálint Havas and Lise Nellemann.

In action!
Facilitated by Trafo and our few regional contacts we aimed to establish connection to different networks. A text collection shows Budapest participant's friendly effort to collaborate with us and a book collecting answers to email calls is to be seen in the exhibition.The text contributions will also be published online ( and finally appear in a printed version in Hungarian.

Only Artists by Little Warsaw is dealing with artists activism, which raises from the actual situation of critical approaches to art making and exhibiting in Budapest. It is a research into the potential for independent thinking and possibilities for autonomous action.
Finally it is a work in progress, and a next step can be expected (March 7.) Sparwasser HQ artist Lise Nellmann will join the local artist group Little Warsaw to discuss the contexts and practices of Budapest artist groups and networks.

Old Habits Die Hard, Fifty artist-run spaces and artist's networks were invited by the organizers, to submit what they considered the best video art work they have encountered, 'their favorite video work'. The Old Habits Die Hard locates and maps international artist's collectives and networks operating today. This collection-based project presents cultural territories formed by expanded artistic practices, territories that surface as alternatives to mainstream exhibition and distribution channels.

Old Habits Die Hard is organized in nine video programs that each feature between three to ten videos and run for approximately one hour. The video programs will be screened at Trafo during a two-week period. The catalog materials of Old Habits Die Hard is also available at the homepage


only artists
Little Warsaw (András Gálik and Bálint Havas)

in actions!
Tamas St. Auby, Miklos Erhardt , Little Warsaw, Janos Sugar, Lilla Khoor, Katarina Sevic, Monica Wucher, Livia Páldi, Edit Molnár, Andreas Fogarasi, Reinigungsgesellschaft, Adele Eizenstein, Ferenc Grof, Tamas Oszvald, Nikolett Eross, Szacsva y Pál, Lise Harlev, Sophie Dodelin, Endre Koronczi, Attila Nemes, Jean-Baptiste Naudy del Fat, Tibor Varnagy, Will Potter, Attila Menesi, Christoph Rauch, Szabolcs Kisspal, Balazs Beothy, Alexander Schikowski, Eszter Bircsák, Péter Szabó, Lise Nellemann, Heman Chong and more to come.

Old Habits Die Hard
16 Beaver / Avi Mograbi - bordercartograph / Art Orienté objet - Enjoy / Amy Howden-Chapman & James Findlater - Blue Oyster / Teresa Andrew - Cuckoo / Tessa Laird - AIT Arts Initiative Tokyo / Meiro Koizumi - CAPRI / Vassiliea Stylianidou - FAMEFAME / Daniel Borins - floating ip / Tim Etchells & Hugo Glendinning - AV-ARKKI / Hanna Hasslahti - Cubitt / Klaus Weber - Fournos / Nikos Giavropoulos - G.U.N, Galleri Uten Navn / Henriette Pedersen - Mercer Union / Kika Thorne - Galleri Hlemmur / Markmid - Instant Coffee / Kevin Schmidt - Message Salon / Selina Trepp - Generator / Rebecca Milling - Glowlab / Lee Walton - Kings / Robin Hely - Norwich Gallery / Francis Lamb - le forum itnérant / Georges Cazenove - O2 / Finnur Arnar - offspace / Gernot Wieland - P74 / Saso Vrabic - PAS / Jesper Alvaer - Planet 22 / Horten - Platform / Marcus Lerviks - RAIN / Rachel Mayeri - Program Angels / lothringer13 / Monochrom - >projektgruppe< / Ivan Iegoroff /Alexander Podoprigorov - Raid Projects / Tim Braden - Signal / Natalie Djurberg - rum46 / Morten Larsen - s-m-p / Tere Recarens - S1 Artspace / TC McCormack - Sparwasser HQ / Deborah Ligorio - Sauna / Cecilia Lundqvist - The Danger Museum / Ann Elise Pettersen and Anne Berit Nedland - The Deste Foundation / Morgan Showalter - Switchspace / Craig Mulholland - The Western Front / Nicole + Ryan - Transmission / Duncan Campbell - The Dirt Palace / Xander Marro - United Net-Works / Ola Pehrson - West Space / Dominic Redfern - SWOLLEN PLATFORM / Kristen Smith - Unwetter / Ingrid Molnar - VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo / Masayuki Kawai - Videotage / Ellen Pau

Thanks to Hajnalka Somogyi, Eszter Bircsák and Lucy from Trafo!

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in action!

Old Habits Die Hard

Sparwasser HQ, Berlin

This exhibition and event take place in
Trafo, Liliom Str. 41, 1094 Budapest

Open hours:
Tue-Sun 16-19 and one hour before and after Performing Hall programs

c/o Trafo Gallery is a series of programs for 2005 and 2006. The common basis of these, approximately, one month long programs is that they are all going to be conceived and executed by an invited independent art space from abroad. In collaboration with Trafo Gallery, this program will involve artists, art professionals and other members of the Budapest and international art scene.

Trafo intends to introduce various strategies represented by the invited spaces, to challenge them with a new context, and to create platforms for communication, investigation and collaboration