Maryam Jafri (Pakistan/ US/ Denmark)

Maryam Jafri lives and work in Berlin and Copenhagen

(exhibited work will be a photo collage, which is a poster)

Siege of Khartoum, 1884 is a series of 27 photo collages that traces the narratives of Empire at work in the present moment. The work examines the narrative arc of earlier colonial wars of conquest and reveals the Iraq war and the war on Terror to conform to this predetermined script. ]

On view at Sparwasser HQ is one photo collage from the Siege series titled 'The Times (UK) 1917.' The poster features an iconic image from the toppling of Saddam's statue in April 2003 plus the redesigned Iraqi flag initially championed by the American occupation. The text is an excerpt from The Times of London reprint of Lt. General Sir Stanley Maude's proclamation "Freedom for the Arabs" issued when British occupation forces conquered Baghdad in 1917.