Lucas Bambozzi, Cao Guimaraes, Beto Magalhaes (Brazil)

(DVD looped, the piece is a 60 min video with sound shown on a monitor, the viewer placed in a soft arm chair, this work is a loan from the exhibition Again for Tomorrow, which took place simultaneous in RCA in London)

O Fim do Sem Fim [something like The End of the Endless] is a feature documentary film that has as scenery the upcoming disappearance of some jobs and professions in Brazil. It composes an immersive picture about the creative geniality and the resistance against new cultural forms and technological trends.

Reinforcing an anthropophagic view of such a culture, the film does not stick with any homogeneous resource or uniform aesthetic. The work tends to strength the concept that the talent and originality of Brazilian people is to reinvent themselves from being oppressed by any form of cultural imposition.